Friday, May 8, 2015

Counterfeit Wedding Dresses: What You Need to Know

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Dearest bride-to-be,
Today I'm sharing an article with you, a very important article written by my friend and business owner Shireen Jackson. Shireen owns and operates Jackson's Ladies Fashions, a formal wear and women's clothing store in my hometown of San Angelo, TX, and is hip to all things wedding. 
She recently shared with me that there are some major scams going on in the wedding world, namely the wedding dress scam. When I read her article I knew I had to share with you because there's so much good information in it and information that you definitely NEED to know before purchasing a wedding gown over the internet. 
Read on, sweet stuff. You can't afford not to know about this.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Add Crystals to Your Wedding

How to Add Crystals to Your Wedding

Dearest nature-loving, bohemian, woo-woo bride: I know how much you love crystals and rainbow-colored rocks that catch your eye while digging in the garden. I do too! I remember as a kid rooting around in neighbors' rock gardens and sneaking out the ones that called to me. Then, I'd put them in my mason jar and hold them close to my heart, not knowing anything about the power they held. It just felt right and made me smile.

Do you have a crystal collection? Want to incorporate them into your wedding for some major prettiness and high vibrations? Even if you don't believe in all the "hippy woo-woo" stuff, crystals and stones can add a unique look to your wedding. I've come across some pretty nifty ways to add these earthy beauties to everything from your dessert to your decor. Read on for some ideas and inspiration.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Foil-Pressed Wedding Stationary from Minted

Announcing your engagement in a stylish and unique-to-you way is almost as important (and definitely fun!) as picking out your wedding dress and sampling cakes. Your Save the Date cards is where all your wedding planning begins and sets the tone for what's to come.

Fortunately, Minted has a pretty amazing selection of wedding stationary. I especially love these gold and silver foil-pressed designs that shimmer and shine on luxe paper. Here's just a sampling of their collection. See the full collection here.

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