Romantic Vineyard Destination Wedding: Leann & Kar Wai

This beautiful couple met at work in 2014. Kar Wai says it was love at first sight and proposing at St. Regis on Kar's birthday made the perfect excuse to avoid suspicion from Leann. It was definitely a successful romantic surprise.

Leann, being very petite, had her dress custom made with full lace. She also wanted to make sure that the dress was light enough to travel from Malaysia to Melbourne and suit their outdoor ceremony. The second dress was a fun, feminine, flowy dress that Leann envisioned dancing the night away in.

The couple chose Melbourne for their wedding, as whenever they are there for a holiday, good things happen. It has a special place in their hearts. Kar Wai also wanted somewhere with a cold climate to avoid the heat back home.

The destination was to be a mega holiday celebration and escape with family and friends. The couple planned an intimate theme with a moody palette that reminded them of the warmth, love, and intimacy of Christmas.

All the dreamy beauty of this wedding in a vineyard was captured by Rick Liston Photography.

Wedding Feature thanks to BWedding Invitations 
Flowers: Poppy Culture 
Photographer: Rick Liston 
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Lindenderry at Red Hill 

5 Picture Perfect Ways to Decorate a Bridal Shower

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash
A bridal shower should be one of the happiest days leading up to the best day of your life, so having picture-perfect decor to commemorate the space is key. Whether you decide to host the event in your own home, or utilize a rented event space to host your loved ones, you’ll likely be at the helm of the design and decorating duties (or at least communicating what you want) for the special occasion.
When we think of a bridal shower, many familiar things come to mind, like early morning bubbly and brunch, a mixture of feminine pastels and florals, and the right decor to match. While many of these ideas are familiar, that doesn’t mean that they’re tired. In fact, many of these bridal decor staples can be elevated and made new without losing their original appeal, as well as be somewhat adaptable to your own personal style.

Balance feminine shades with neutrals.

We suggest working with a feminine color palette that also includes neutrals, so while you’ll want to keep your pinks and pastels in the mix, you should also add in some shades like gold, silver, grey, taupe, or a bright white to balance them out. 

While we love to get carried away with the most Pinterest-worthy ideas, it’s important to stay somewhat neutral and determine what’s just a passing fad if you’re concerned about having photos that will appear timely or dated in a few years. 

 For elements that can seem a bit gaudy if not done properly (see: balloons, flower arrangements, etc.), look to simple whites to bring an air of elegance to them, as well as allow them to remain timeless and classic.

Minimalism is in.

On that same note, don’t feel pressured to incorporate an abundance of flowery shades, ornate bouquets, or larger than life decor if that’s simply not your style. Minimalism is proving to be a staying trend, so paring down your decor and color palette to the basics and only including a few shades that you really enjoy can be just as trendy as any other bridal shower.

Minimalism in your color palette, decor, and decorations will also give the space a much cleaner look without losing the fresh or vibrant feeling you want the event to have. Include some sparse pops of color that are more interesting to you; even if they’re darker or more outside of the box, they’ll be offset by the clean whites and careful edit of the rest of the space. When adding decor, look for simple and pared down elements that feature clean lines for things like centerpieces and nameplates.


While every bridal shower surely has its fair share of flowers, consider making greenery the main focus instead of blossoming buds. It provides a more contemporary feel, with plants like monstera leaves or succulents bringing elegance, style, and simplicity with ease. It’s also a viable option for those that aren’t in love with the overly floral look.

Include greenery in table centerpieces and as decorative accents in gift areas instead of the expected floral arrangements. Furthermore, if you are planning on including photo op areas at your bridal shower, you might want to think about decorating the backdrop with a living wall to breathe life into the photos.

Photobooths and other staged photo areas are becoming increasingly popular at bridal showers, and as they are geared towards social media, you’ll want yours to be as trendy as anything else you’d see on Instagram.


Consistency is important in good design, and that fact doesn’t lose its significance for a one day event. Make sure that any detailed elements you include stay consistent throughout the space. For example, if you hire a hand lettering artist to write signage or nameplates, ensure that they have provided all the collateral for everything that has a handwritten element.

Inconsistent details can make the overall appearance look a bit sloppy. Furthermore, if you intend to use a unifying theme throughout all wedding events (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, etc.) you’ll want to either reuse important pieces or ensure that everything is in line with the original vision.

 Design and activities also go hand in hand, so when playing games or hosting activities, be sure that there is a consistent color scheme or aesthetic threading the elements together. An eye for detail is an often-overlooked strength in interior design, and you’ll surely notice that your bridal shower looks worlds better when all decor is consistent with the intention of the design.

Avoid the trite. 

You’ll want to avoid some of the more overplayed elements that you’ve seen all across Pinterest and other forms of social media. Chances are, they’ve lost their appeal, and no one is surprised or impressed by seeing them anymore. We’re talking about items like mason jars as vases or candle holders, signs with quippy sayings, or bedazzled ‘Bride Squad’ gear.

There are certainly ways to use these elements in a more elegant way, but when you go for the low-hanging fruit, the look of the event leaves much to be desired, and appears boring and overdone.

Also avoid using fake flowers. This is perhaps Décor aid's interior designers’ biggest pet peeve, as it is very evident when flowers are made of plastic, especially when you can see the fraying or molded edges. You’ll be glad you invested in the real thing, and you can always take them home for display as a memento from the event.

This is a sponsored post by Decor Aid, an interior design firm based in NYC.

Easy & Elegant: 12 DIY Wedding Centerpieces That All Your Guests Will Love

Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

When it comes to wedding reception décor, few things are as critical or as unifying as the centerpieces. They set the stage and (quite literally) the table for your entire theme, and they’re the first thing people see when they walk into the space. 

Because of this, centerpieces can seriously eat into your wedding day funds, especially if you go the all-fresh-flower route. But the resourcefully engaged can get all the charm with much less dough if they’re comfortable wielding a glue gun and bedazzling found objects. It’s all about rethinking the standard and flexing your creative muscle!

1. Effortlessly Literary: Antique Books — If you and your spouse-to-be bond over the undeniably appealing smell of old books, then you’ll love this sweet centerpiece. All it requires is a stack of old books and maybe a small vase with one or two blossoms. You can weave the literary theme throughout your wedding by naming each table after one of your favorite books or by sending out library-themed invitations.

Photo by Crystal Liepa
2. Classic and Glowing: Candles with Pearls — Nothing says elegant, chic and sophisticated quite like a string of pearls. Start with some enchanting freshwater pearls that offer a lovely, pearlescent luster in a combination of smooth spheres and baroque shapes. Fill translucent vases of differing heights with loose pearls in pure white or your wedding color and you’ve got an instant hit with minimal effort.

3. Fresh Femininity: Glitzy, Beaded Flowers — All we can say is pile on the gemstone beads, because you can never have too much! This crafty centerpiece is about as affordable and custom as you can get. Start with a set of high-quality silk flowers and then bedazzle to your heart’s content with rhinestones, crystals, aquamarine or whatever gets you excited. You can also dot the center of each bloom with vintage brooches, but this can be challenging if you prefer a uniform look, as you’ll need one for every stem.

Photo by Sarah Bradshaw via The Knot
4. Soft and Simple: Floating Rose Petals — Classic yet underrated! Take a set of hurricanes, fill them up with water and adorn them with candles and rose petals in your wedding color. The beauty of this DIY centerpiece is twofold: It’s extremely simple (you could actually make all your centerpieces in under a half hour if you wanted to) and extremely customizable. There’s no wedding palette or theme it wouldn’t serve.

5. Going Green: Earthy All-Greens Boxes — What do you do when you’re not into the idea of faux flora but you’re also not feeling the massive price tags on those massive peonies and big-bloom garden roses? Go green! An all-green centerpiece costs significantly less than your typical floral variety but is equally as fresh and expressive. Go textured with different types of greens— ivy, lamb’s ear, ferns, dusty miller, ruscus, ornamental cabbage, Billy balls! It’s all fair game!

Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash
6. Kitschy-Chic: Old Tin Vases — In budget-friendly wedding décor, anything can serve as a receptacle — rusty watering cans, old tea kettles, salvaged birdcages and dollar-store drinking glasses, for example). If you’re going for a super-antique or subtly country vibe, start where all good vintage centerpieces start: in grandma’s basement. Create exceptional wildflower bouquets with old-fashioned spice tins for a style that tells a story. Be sure to pick the most colorful, rusty and weathered canisters you can find.

7. Bold Gold: All Golden Everything — What is it about gold spray paint that just makes everything look flawless? This approach requires no expensive florals — unless you want them — and can be achieved with things you already have around the house plus a can of gold spray paint. You can quite literally achieve this high-class look for just a few bucks!

Photo by Basic Bash
8. Buckets of Love: Pales Filled with Flowers — If you’re looking for a way to add a rustic-but-not-too-rustic feel to your big day, consider filling a garden pale with fresh blossoms. Keep it simple and affordable with all hydrangeas or get crafty with silk blooms. If your wedding is beach-themed, consider transforming kids’ beach buckets into custom beach centerpieces for a little extra personality.

9. Perfectly Handmade: Adorned Vases — The next time you’re shopping second-hand at antique stores, yard sales and thrift shops, take stock of the vase situation. You can usually find a ton of just-okay vases that don’t suit your exact style but still have plenty of personality. Learn to see the vase for what it could be, not what it is right now! Some hand-wrapped chain, ribbon or twine can transform any vessel.

10. Garden Delights: Miniature Herb Gardens They’re functional, aromatic and right on budget. Herb garden centerpieces are utterly ideal for the earthy, eclectic or woodsy wedding. You can even plant several small receptacles or jars with individual herbs and then hand them out as favors after all is said and done. This is another great way to keep things fresh without help from a high-cost florist.

Photo via One Wed
11. Casual Yet Pretty: Candles and Fresh Petals — This entirely effortless candle centerpiece doesn’t require much — just a few wax pillars, candle spheres and rose petals — but it sure doesn’t skimp on the charm and style. The best part about this type of centerpiece is that you can tailor it to your specific tastes, whether your wedding motif is coastal, traditional, country, eclectic, fairytale or rustic.

12. Easy-Peezy: Pinwheels in Mason Jars Wedding centerpieces need not be all pomp and circumstance. Sometimes the thrown-together look says more than the perfectly arranged white roses and meticulously placed floral sprays. If you and your spouse-to-be tend to take things not too seriously, and if you’re all about having fun, you can’t go wrong with some cute patterned or solid-colored pinwheels standing in jars.

Designing and making your own wedding centerpieces serves you in so many ways, from helping save money so you can funnel your funds elsewhere (hello, honeymoon) to helping break the wedding mold and add something amazingly original to your wedding style. Take the same approach throughout your venue with do-it-yourself favors, decorations and more! 

Say “I Do” in These Beautiful Historic Wedding Venues in Charleston

Photo by Inna Lesyk

With Charleston’s pristine beaches and picturesque coastal views, beautiful wedding venues certainly aren’t hard to come by in the city. But what if you want something more unique and memorable for your big day?

There is good news for newly-engaged couples: Charleston is full of historical wedding venues that can provide a stunning backdrop for your nuptials. From gorgeous plantations to stately homes and everything in between, the Holy City has the ideal wedding venue for every couple.

Check out the following historical wedding venues in Charleston, and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with more than one!

The Cedar Room in the Cigar Factory

If you love rustic and industrial design, the Cedar Room won’t disappoint. Located in the renovated Cigar Factory on East Bay Street, The Cedar Room at Mercantile and Mash has retained much of its original 1881 design.

Featuring large, floor-to-ceiling windows, historic wood columns and beautiful hardwood floors, the Cedar Room oozes charm and rustic beauty. The bright, airy space can accommodate up to 500 guests and has an intimate courtyard, a bridal suite, a built-in bar and onsite parking — a big must-have feature if you’re booking a wedding venue in downtown Charleston.

At the Cedar Room, you won’t need to worry about your food being delicious. The Mercantile and Mash catering team always hit it out of the park, and they’re willing to work with any of your guests’ food allergies given notice ahead of time. Starting cost for the Cedar Room is around $5,000 for peak wedding season.

Boone Hall Plantation

Known for its iconic Boulevard of Oaks, Boone Hall Plantation dates back to 1861 and is one of the oldest working plantations in the country. Located in the charming area of Mount Pleasant, this stunning plantation has appeared in movies and on television. It’s also where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot in 2011.

Of course, you don’t need to be an A-lister to throw a spectacular shindig at Boone Hall. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds rented the Cotton Dock — which starts at $4,500 — but you can rent the $3,000 Front Lawn and say “I do” in front of the Plantation House and its beautiful surrounding gardens.

Book at Boone Hall Plantation and you’re not only guaranteed a gorgeous backdrop of the plantation but also a night you won’t forget.

Legare Waring House

Celebrate your nuptials at the Legare Waring House, the site of the first settlement in Charleston. This historic 1840s home within Charles Towne Landing is full of Southern charm and history.

The Legare Waring House once hosted dignitaries and governors and is furnished with grandeur throughout. Featuring both a bridal suite and a groom’s quarters, the stately home has a large dining room and can accommodate 200 guests indoors.

However, the true beauty of the Legare Waring House can be seen outside. With its well-manicured lawns, picturesque lagoons, gorgeous live oaks and the stately manor, the backdrop provides a romantic setting that your guests won’t soon forget.

Governor Thomas Bennett House

Say “I do” at the Governor Thomas Bennett House and celebrate at one of the most beautiful historic homes in Charleston. This unique, antebellum house was built in 1825 and is full of Southern charm.

With its gorgeous gardens, walled fountains and large piazza overlooking the fountain and brick courtyard, you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque setting for your wedding or reception. Indoor capacity can hold 75 for a seated dinner, and outdoor capacity can accommodate 200 to 230 guests.

The pricing is steep during peak wedding season, with a rate of $9,000 for a Friday or Saturday wedding. However, this rate can be knocked down to $6,000 if you have your wedding on the same day of the week during the off season.

The Gibbes Museum of Art

After a major renovation in 2016, the Gibbes Museum of Art now boasts an impressive event space featuring high ceilings and a stunning architectural design.

Located along the Museum Mile in downtown Charleston, this 111-year-old museum is considered the epicenter of Charleston culture. But while the Gibbes Museum of Art is an old building, its event space for weddings is a relatively new addition.

In 2016, the museum re-opened its doors after an extensive renovation. With its high ceilings, porcelain floors and fascinating works of art, the second floor of the museum offers a spectacular place to exchange vows. The beautiful Lenhardt Garden also serves as a lovely place for a wedding.

If you and your beloved are huge fans of art, this is a must-book wedding venue in Charleston. Capacity ranges from 60 to 500, depending on the site you choose, and you can book the entire museum and garden for $7,000.

The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel

Opened in 1853, this historic downtown Charleston hotel provides an elegant wedding space complete with marble floors, wrought-iron décor, circa 1840 fountains, a historic ballroom and a stunning rooftop terrace that overlooks the city.

For those looking for a quintessential Charleston experience, the Mills House can deliver it in spades. The hotel offers three unique settings to host your wedding: the Signers Ballroom, the Planters Suite and the Barbadoes Room and Courtyard. Each space offers something slightly different, and perhaps the best way to choose is to tour each one.

The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel can seat up to 300, but you’ll need to contact the hotel to request pricing.

The Parsonage

Located in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, this beautifully restored home makes for some fantastic wedding pictures. Boasting elegant rooms, two iconic piazzas and an intimate courtyard full of lush foliage, The Parsonage is a historic gem that every couple will adore.

With a capacity of 150 guests, the Parsonage is on the smaller side for a wedding venue. However, it makes up for that with its convenient downtown location, elegance and charm. Once your guests step inside, they will feel as though they were transported back in time.

Whether you’re hosting a rehearsal dinner at the Parsonage or throwing a big Southern affair, you won’t regret booking this grand home as your wedding venue.

Final Words

There is no doubt about it: Charleston has some of the most charming wedding venues in the country. 

Steeped in history and full of character, these venues are guaranteed to add interest and sophistication to your wedding day.

Once you’ve made your decision, be sure to call as soon as possible; these venues book fast!

Author Contact:
Traci Magnus
Director of Marketing, Dunes Properties

Purple Trail has the Most Magical Wedding Stationery

This is a sponsored post by Purple Trail. 

I know the word "magical" gets thrown around a lot and can mean a lot of things depending on who you're talking to. When I think of magical things I think of whimsical beauty, fantasy, fairy tales, moonlight, white moths, woodland creatures, glitter, and spells and rituals. But mostly I think of the feeling "magic" creates. It's inspiring, it's creative, it's fun. It opens us up to all the possibilities. It delights.

The Purple Trail stationery company is all that, and you'll see what I mean when you look through everything they have to offer.

Tri-fold Wedding Invitations

Forget the standard one page invitations. Here is a unique way to invite friends and family to your big day. With a flexible layout, the tri-fold wedding invitation offers couples six panels to fully customize with unlimited photos, text, and even an RSVP postcard. Available in 5x7 and 4x5.5 sizes, these all-in-one invitations are a customer favorite for their stylish looks and organization.

All-in-one Booklets

Purple Trail also offers all-in-one booklet invitations. These stylish mini books include eight pages and are fully customizable with unlimited text and photo options. These creative wedding invites give you more than enough room to include all your wedding details, accommodation information, a detachable RSVP card, and more.

Foil Wedding Stationery

Many of Purple Trail's wedding invitations and cards include hand-stamped, real foil accents. Foil stamping has been a popular invitation detail for several years and it's easy to see why. It offers a hint of glimmer and shimmer, which makes your wedding details stand out in such a beautiful way. Purple Trail offers foil stamping in red, gold, and silver.

Wedding Planners

I don't know about you, but I LOVE notebooks and want one for every occasion. If I was planning my own wedding again, I would definitely pick up one of these colorful wedding planners. Purple Trail planner notebooks include a customizable calendar and bright, color-coded pages with a variety of headings, such as Budget, Research, Attire, and Honeymoon (to name a few), all with layouts perfect for making lists, doodling, or taking notes. 

If all of this hasn't convinced you to try out Purple Trail products, here are some other fun facts:

Coordinated Suites for End-to-End Elegance

Purple Trail lets you create a coordinated suite and set the tone for your wedding celebration with enclosure cards for RSVPs, accommodations, and more. Easily create matching envelopes, liners and address labels to make your invitations a standout. Choose from 12 envelope colors and create the coordinating touches in the unique online design center. 

Wedding Celebrations

In addition to the stationery for the ceremony itself, Purple Trail offers invitations for all of the other events related to the wedding including for the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinnerbridal showers, engagement parties, and more.

Mailing Service

Let Purple Trail address, stuff, seal, stamp, and mail your cards or invitations directly to the recipients for you. Simply place an order for cards and select the option for Mailing Service at checkout. After checkout, input the addresses of your recipients or select them from your address book. Once they have your recipient’s addresses, they will print and mail the cards directly to your recipients for you!

Design on the Go

Save time and use the Purple Trail app to create and order your wedding planner, invitations, and cards. It’s easy to use and free to download.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Purple Trail and fill your cart with everything you need to get your wedding planning started!