What Does it Mean to Have Cold Feet?

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What Exactly is Cold Feet?
Just what exactly is cold feet? The term can refer to a psychological reaction as well as a physical reaction related to health. Cold feet in the physical sense may be a reaction to cold outdoor or indoor temperatures as well as be the result of other health-related causes. The meaning of the psychological reference is worth looking at in regards to marriage.

"Cold Feet" - The Saying
"You have a case of cold feet," someone says to you after you have backed out of an agreement, such as a purchase of a vehicle or of marriage on the wedding day. It means loss of nerve and withdrawal of confidence in your choices. This is used often in urban slang and is used to describe those about to be married who are filled with doubt.

Cold Feet - Before the Wedding
Doubts about getting married are common; an article by Benedict Carey in the New York Times, discusses the research that found that those who think they might be making a mistake are more likely to eventually divorce.

As the wedding day approaches, those with doubts tend to dismiss these fears as just pre-wedding jitters. In fact, warning signs can be ignored in the hustle and bustle of preparing for the wedding. It can be hard to pull out of the arranged event, when the venue is booked, invitations ordered, caterer chosen, band invited, and everything else that goes along with a big wedding.

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What Does It Really Mean?
The nagging feeling that something isn't quite right and that a mistake is being made is part of cold feet. It might be a voice within that keeps yelling, "Stop Now!" or any other words that tell you to end it.

One can ignore that voice because it is just too embarrassing to stop the wedding planning. Losing the deposit and other financial woes are just part of cancelling a wedding. Losing the good will of friends and relatives can be a strong reason to not stop something that seems to be a mistake.

Lost Loves
If you really love someone else, and that is giving doubt, is just one reason to have cold feet. A more difficult reason to deal with is that you are having doubts about the whole thing. One uncommon phenomenon found to occur the night before the wedding day is that one of the partners has sex with an old lost lover as a goodbye to them; the next day they walk down the aisle with their new love.

People questioned about this reaction mentioned that as they were marrying their present love, they wished that it was the former lost love instead. Yet they go ahead with the marriage, and years later, when the lost love contacts them again, they leave their marriage and go back to their former lover.

An article in Psychology Today discusses the cold feet syndrome at length. It is a serious problem when doubts arise before a wedding and are buried beneath a flurry of activity. Feelings should be taken into account and in time, they will surface again. Maybe it is not so bad to have cold feet, in this case.

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Destination Wedding Essentials: Packing Checklist

Photo by Mikayla Herrick on Unsplash

If planning a local wedding is a challenging hobby, planning a destination wedding is a full time job. Luckily, it does come with benefits!

Whether you're reciting your vows in a charming chapel on Malta island or jet setting to a rustic Tuscan vineyard, there are some absolute essentials you'll need to put in your luggage. I'm not talking the stuff that's forefront in your mind, like your wedding gown and rings. Although those things are definitely important, there is a whole host of other important items that you might overlook, and overlooking them could wreak havoc on your dream day.

So let's take a look at what these destination wedding essentials are. Ideally, all of these should be in your carry-on luggage.

Destination Wedding Packing Essentials:

  • Passports
  • Copy of birth certificates 
  • Visas, if necessary
  • Plane tickets
  • Itinerary
  • Boarding passes
  • Credit cards/cash
  • Marriage license
  • Vendor contact info
  • Copies of vendor/venue contracts
  • Proof of down payments to vendors/venue
  • Receipts for gifts to show customs
  • Copies of vaccinations/prescriptions
  • Trip insurance, if applicable
  • Contact info for closest home country embassy
  • Marriage certificate if you have already had your legal ceremony

Other Important Destination Wedding Reminders:

  • Leave a copy of your passport and birth certificate with someone at home (not traveling to the destination wedding).
  • Let your bank know that you will be travelling so they won't place a hold on your credit/debit cards.
  • If you're thinking of using traveler's checks, make sure your destination country is able to approve and use them.
  • Pack your items in airport-approved luggage.

Steps to a Perfect Bridal Smile

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

A bride is perfectly ready to take on any aspect of wedding planning, including herself and her look. Everything from the all-important gown to the veil is planned months in advance. But one thing you most certainly don’t want to happen is to have a bad smile in all of your photos! But what is a good smile, and how can you get one? It’s not at all difficult, if you only follow these tips:
Good dental hygiene

This is a no-brainer. Wedding or not, you should always brush and floss your teeth to make sure you’re getting rid of any food residue and protecting your teeth. If you have any dental health problems, like gum disease or cavities, you should fix that as soon as possible, because nobody wants to spend her wedding day with a toothache. 

Another big part of dental hygiene is a good diet, because processed foods high in sugar are the main cause of tooth decay. I replaced all of my store-bought snacks with fresh fruit to make sure my teeth were in perfect shape for the big day – and it’s a good habit to have in general! If you also want to protect the whiteness of your teeth, then try to avoid foods that stain them, like red wine, coffee and cherries.
The perfect pose

Everyone’s smile is beautiful, as long as it is natural. But if you are taking thousands of photos during the day, it can be hard to maintain a natural smile in all of them. This is why practicing your smile, as well as your posture, will play a big role in how your smile will look in photos. 

Make sure you always straighten your back, elongate your neck, and don’t be afraid to squint your eyes. Forcing your eyes to stay open will only give you an unnatural look and ruin your smile. Practice in front of the mirror to find your best angle and make sure your photographer knows it.

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

I was properly scared right before my wedding and nearly postponed it out of fear that I would either have crooked teeth or visible braces – neither of which was in my bridal beauty plan. Luckily, a Chatswood orthodontist had a solution for anyone in such a situation. 

It was invisible braces that are completely unnoticeable both in photographs and in real life, especially if you get the kind that is bonded to the inner part of your teeth, so you can start working on getting your teeth in shape without fearing how it will look in photos. 

And while you’re there, you can ask them about different procedures for teeth whitening, to make sure your smile is a row of perfectly white pearls.
Makeup on point

A lot of how our teeth look is based on what is surrounding them. Even if you have perfectly bright teeth, they still might look slightly yellow if you compare them to your wedding dress. For your lipstick, opt for a cold-toned lipstick, since warm toned ones can make your teeth appear yellow. 

Make sure you stay clear of any orange shades and lip glosses with too much shine, because the white reflection won’t look good in photos, nor will it look good near your teeth. If you are exaggerating your lip shape with a lip pencil, make sure you don’t go too wild, and still have your lips look natural and proportional.

Most importantly, smile from the heart. It’s going to be a long day, filled with so many emotions, and while you can’t expect to be caught smiling in every single photo, you can definitely make sure you don’t force a fake smile whenever the flash goes off. Just let your emotions shine and you will look stunning.

Article by Diana Smith.

10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself While Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is probably one of the biggest (if not the biggest) projects you’ll ever take on in your life. It’s well worth all the trouble, of course. The light at the end of the tunnel is your happily ever after with your significant other. But getting there can be challenging at best and downright painful at worst, especially if you aren’t on top of your planning. It’s important to get all your ducks in a row well before the big day to make it as stress-free as possible. 

Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself.

1. Who’s in the Wedding Party?
First thing's first: who do you want standing up there next to you on the biggest day of your life? For some people, this is obvious. It’s as simple as calling up your siblings or a close friend or two. For others with larger families or friend groups, it can be tricky. At the end of the day, make sure you ask those people who you’re closest to — everyone else will get over any offense by the big day.

2. Who’s on the Guest List?
This might be the most difficult part of wedding planning to navigate, especially if your parents or your fiancé’s parents are heavily involved in the wedding planning. Confer with your fiancé to decide if you’d like to keep it to close friends and family or if you’re comfortable opening it up to your parents’ friends and colleagues. Then present a united front when you discuss the matter with anyone who needs to know.

3. What’s the Budget?
Once you have a rough idea of the guest list, you can think about the budget. You might want to get some quotes from venues and vendors before doing this. If you have only a certain amount of money to spend, then set the budget early and find vendors that can fit within your range — even if it means getting creative.

4. Inside or Outside?
While you’re perusing venues, you’ll realize you have to figure out one key component of your day: should it be inside or outside? If you’re okay dealing with heat, rain or other potential weather snafus and don’t feel that they’ll cause stress on your big day, go for an outdoor wedding. Just make sure your venue has contingency plans in case of bad weather.

5. What’s the Vibe?
Once you choose your venue, that’ll make some decisions for you, especially in terms of aesthetic. But still, you’re in charge of the vibe of your wedding. Do you want modern or rustic? Glam or simple? Classic or totally unique? It’s up to you, just decide with your significant other and stick to it.

Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash

6. Do We Want Free-Verse Vows?
While most people stick with the traditional “I do,” if you and your fiancé are the creative types who don't mind a bit of public speaking, consider writing your own vows. It's romantic and always a crowd pleaser, but more importantly, it's a special thing for the two of you to share during the ceremony.

7. Should We Assign Seats?
If you’re going more casual, you might consider letting your guests seat themselves at the reception. Designing a seating chart that works for everyone can take hours and lots of brainpower. More laid-back settings don’t necessarily require them.

8. Do We Stick with Traditions?
Will you throw the bouquet? Do the garter toss? Have first dances with parents? These are some things you should discuss in advance. You might find that you and your fiancé aren’t really interested in upholding all these old traditions, but do want to pick and choose a few.

9. What Will Our Registry Look Like?
It used to be that you went to the store and scanned everything you wanted in your married home for your registry. But today, you have lots of options. You can ask people to contribute to a fund for your honeymoon or purchase gift cards so that you can make updates to your home. Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding registry.

10. Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the details of your big day, you have one question left to ask yourself: should you hire a wedding planner? A wedding planner can help alleviate a lot of the stress of your impending nuptials, but also comes at a cost. Weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision for you and your fiancé.

Now that you have the checklist you need to start wedding planning, hit the ground running. Just keep in mind that, at the end of the day, your wedding is about one thing: you and your sweetie devoting your lives to each other. Try not to lose sight of that as you dive into the wedding-planning process.

Kacey Bradley is the lifestyle and travel  blogger  for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic  lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of  style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts. 

Along with writing for her blog, she frequently writes for sites like US Travel News, Thought Catalog, Porch, Tripping.com and more!

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Top Wedding Flower Tips

Top Wedding Flower Tips

A big part of the wedding décor is the beautiful flowers that enrich the setting, the outfit,s and almost every detail of the ceremony. However, you don’t want to leave picking and arranging your flowers for last, because it is not nearly as small of a task as it may seem at first. 

But if you’ve never before planned a big event that required working with a florist, you might be a bit lost in the petals. No worries – here is everything you need to know to make sure your wedding has the floral potential of a Beauty and the Beast movie set.

Set a Budget

Flowers are not cheap, and a big chunk of your overall wedding budget will go towards the floral arrangements. However, there are ways to get the flowers at a more manageable price. For starters, you need to think about strategic placement. You don’t need a huge bouquet on every table and you also don’t need a bunch of flowers decorating the bow on every chair. 

Place one large arrangement somewhere where everyone will see it – like the greeting table or the main table – and fill the rest of the space with smaller arrangements. 

The second thing that determines the cost is the type of flowers you use. We will talk about this more later, but it’s important to understand that flowers vary drastically in prices depending on the season or where you live. Some need to be imported, which might be the most expensive kind out there. Local wild flowers are a great way to decorate a boho, natural wedding, and are usually a cheap option that gives a lot of character.

Choose Your Flowers

If you don’t usually dabble in flowers, then you need to do some research on what you might want. Start looking at inspiration boards, magazines, and visiting floral shops to see what kind of flowers you like. 

Armed with that data, go to a florist or floral stylist whose portfolio you like. Asking around for recommendations, especially if you want something similar to what you’ve seen at another event is a great way to find someone. 

Remember that flowers don’t bloom all year round, and different flowers are available in different seasons. If you have a kind that you are absolutely set on, set the date around that. A great option is beautiful silk flower arrangements that look just like real ones and are going to look exactly the same the day you order them and on your wedding day months down the line. 

Make sure your flowers fit the theme and colors of your wedding. If you are going for a soft, pastel look, then opt for peonies instead of red roses, no matter how much you adore roses. Unless you’re an expert, don’t micromanage the arrangements. You are going to a professional for help for a good reason, and after you’ve picked the main flower, let them create something around that. Make sure you let them know if you or any of your guests have allergies to certain flowers.

Take Advantage of Your Venue

Different venues work well with different flowers. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, see if there are already planted or potted flowers around. If so, they can be a great alternative to vase bouquets. 

If you have a rustic venue, then you will do well to scatter some wildflower wreaths around the venue, but if you have a glamorous ballroom, then small, round bouquets will be a better option. See if you can hang some flowers from the ceiling, or put some flowers in the cracks in the beams or walls. Every small bud you place will be a detail your guests will notice and appreciate. 

But if your venue follows a very specific theme, then you will want to match that theme with your arrangements. A tropical wedding in a beach-side hut is no place for sophisticated roses. All flowers can look beautiful and you should play around with them until you find something that looks just right.

Make sure you don’t forget to include the most important piece: the bridal bouquet. It can be matched to the rest of the flowers, but it is a better idea to match it to your dress and overall style. You can swap out the bouquet for a flower crown or a basket of flowers, and give a basket to your little flower girl as well. Flowers will make any venue look more romantic, friendly and in unison with nature.

Written by Georgia Selih.

Wedding Rules You Should Actually Follow

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash

I love creative, alternative weddings that really represent the couple. Weddings should be special and individualized. I am sure there are many traditional rules you’d like to toss to keep your wedding true to you. However, there are some rules that shouldn’t be broken!

Set a Budget and Stick to it

Decide on a budget that you’re comfortable with and can afford. Most couples use credit cards to pay for their wedding, but if you need some assistance, try a personal loan. This way you’ll have a specific amount you have to stick to and it’ll be easier to pay monthly payments for budgeting after the wedding.

Take Care of Your Vendors

Vendors work hard to make sure your day is nothing short of amazing. Treat them well! Weddings are long, so be sure to provide them with a free meal and tip appropriately. Professionalism is key. If you’re really pleased with their work, writing a thank you card or leaving a positive review on their site goes a long way.

Be Aware of Your Bridal Party Budget

The average bridesmaid budget is over a thousand dollars! From the dress, shoes, hair, makeup, bridal shower, bachelorette party - weddings are expensive, even for the bridesmaids! It’s important to be conscientious of this this when deciding on your bridesmaid dresses and help cover costs whenever you can. They’re your best friends, after all!

Make it Easy for Your Guests to RSVP

When sending out invites, include postage. If you decide to go the digital route, you need to provide some guidance. Some people might not be as tech-savvy (like grandparents) so include an insert on how to RSVP on the save-the-date cards you mail out. If you have a wedding website, include the instructions there.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Don’t Compare or Compete with Your Friends’ Weddings

It’s hard not to compare your wedding to thousands of others on Pinterest or maybe even another bride that’s having a wedding close to yours. But just don’t. Your wedding is not a contest. Your wedding will be special in its own way. It just needs to be honest and authentic. Don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy. If you’re still not sure, re-read this.

Do Send Thank You Cards

It’s the right thing to do. For anyone that went above and beyond, for those who gave you a wedding-related gift, etc. A thank you card will be appreciated and make you memorable. Especially if you ever need another photographer, caterer, or DJ for any future events!


If you’re unsure of whether to send someone a save-the-date card, know that you’ll have to invite them to the wedding no matter what. Similarly, if you invite someone to a pre-wedding party, shower, or bachelorette party, the right thing to do it also invite them to your big day. This way you’ll avoid hurting someone’s feelings and avoid the unnecessary tension.

Have Fun!

This is the most important rule! The big day is finally here and it’s YOUR day. Dance the night away, drink champagne, eat cake, and take lots of memorable photos with your family and friends. Take it all in and cherish your wedding.

For more tips, check out mistakes not to make at your wedding.

Tips for a Small Budget Luxury Wedding

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Brides imagine their wedding day from the moment they have a ring on their finger. Some just can’t wait for long and get married months, or even weeks after saying “yes,” but others go into detailed planning that can last for years. And no matter what kind of wedding you want to have, nobody wants their wedding to look poor. 

However, in today’s economy, not many people have the means to throw a true luxury wedding. Luckily, there are ways you can have a wedding that seems like you’ve spent all of your life’s earnings, while actually keeping the budget quite small, and here’s how to do it.

Don’t Go Too Big

The key to making your wedding look luxurious is to focus on the details and make every guest feel like they are personally taken care of. You can’t exactly do that for a couple hundred people unless you have a lot of professional help – which you are trying to avoid if you want to keep your budget small

Invite only your closest friends and family and make it truly special for yourself and for them. This is especially important for destination weddings in places like Tahiti or Hawaii, because the costs can add up extremely quickly.

Fill the Space

While being careful not to make the space look small, crowded, or tacky, you also don’t want it to be empty. A good, low-budget idea is using balloons. Stick to monochromatic, pastel colors to avoid making your venue look like a kids’ birthday party, and place the balloons strategically. 

If you have a high ceiling, you can have helium balloons on longer threads going upwards to fill the space. Place two arrangements at the door and greeting table, as well as next to the main table and the stage, if you have one.

Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

Splurge on a Memorable Detail

You can’t splurge on everything and keep the budget low, but there are some things that will really leave your guests in awe. For example, hiring a chauffeur service in Sydney to get yourself and your guests to the venue through the busy streets in absolute style will make everyone feel like a million bucks, and that feeling will stick throughout the ceremony. 

Similarly, you can’t make the entire food offer top-notch and spectacular, but if you make one thing absolutely stunning and delicious, that is the thing that your guests will remember.

Go Vintage

Vintage is one of the themes that might be the easiest to pull off on a small budget, and some of the methods can be applied to other themes as well. 

For a true vintage theme, there’s no need for everything to match perfectly. This means that instead of spending thousands of dollars on renting crystal vases and symmetrical flower arrangements, you can simply pick up all kinds of vases at a thrift shop, paint them white with spray paint and fill them with beautiful wild flower bouquets that you can pick yourself, or buy at a local market.

Go the Extra Mile

As we said, it is important for your guests to feel special when they are there. This can be done by putting extra effort into personalizing their invitations, parting gifts, and seating cards. Even something as small as writing “Aunt Maggie” instead of just “Maggie” on the seating card will create a personal connection and make everything feel luxurious. If you have an outdoor portion of the venue, make sure you place soft blankets somewhere so everyone can wrap themselves up and stay warm.

Don’t forget, this is your wedding day, and everything there should be your own definition of luxurious. Just keep in mind that it’s not the amount of money spent that determines how expensive your wedding will look – it’s how you spend it.

Written by Diana Smith.

How to Boost Your Confidence for Your Wedding Day

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash 

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life, so it’s important to feel at your very best. An important way to ensure that you feel outstanding is to take steps towards gaining self-confidence. 

There are plenty of ways that you can go about improving your confidence, so begin by reflecting on your life and deciding on which features you’d like to improve or enhance. To get started on your self-improvement journey before your wedding, consider incorporating the following advice into your life.

Acknowledge Your Favorite Features

Boosting confidence is not just about making changes in your life, it’s about celebrating what makes you great as well. We often tend to dwell on the negatives instead of being proud of ourselves and our characteristics that make us unique. There are many ways to take steps towards embracing what you love about yourself, so figure out what works for you and get started on it. After all, weddings are all about celebration! Here are a couple methods of self-love that you should give a shot:

Start a gratitude journal. Taking your good qualities into account at random times is an easy way to feel good for the short-term, but starting a gratitude journal will allow you to organize these thoughts and feel them again at any time just by flipping through the pages. Find a journal in a color or pattern that portrays positivity to you and begin writing down whatever makes you happy and that you’re grateful for. Whenever you’re feeling down or like you need more positivity, take a look through your journal to appreciate what’s great about you and your life.

Spend more time with loved ones. Your loved ones enjoy spending time with you for a reason - because you have wonderful qualities that they love and admire. Being with them will allow you to reflect and realize what they like about you. The time before your wedding is quite busy, so make sure to create time to spend with the people you care about. It will definitely create a positive mindset for you as you work towards improving your confidence.

Photo by Savs on Unsplash

Take Steps Towards Change

If there are aspects of your life that you consider flaws or that make you unhappy, see if there’s something you can do to improve them. If nothing can be done, it’s necessary to understand that that’s completely okay. Learn to embrace your “flaws” and love yourself for who you are.

In order to figure out what to get started on, create some goals for yourself. Some goals might be more short-term and can get done in one day. Simply organizing a few rooms in your home is likely to make you feel better. Others might take more time, such as losing weight or growing hair back, so you’ll want to start months before your wedding. You could start a workout routine or use Finasteride regularly about 3 months in advance if either of these is the case.

The most important takeaway from this post is to feel confident in your own skin on your big day. Sure, there might be things you can change to feel even better, but your loved ones, especially your partner, appreciate you for who you are and want to celebrate you at your wedding! Hopefully, these tips will allow you to be as confident and happy as can be on your special day.

Don't Make These Music Mistakes at Your Wedding

This is a guest post by Georgia Selih. 

The music is an important part of your wedding, as it can set the whole atmosphere and decide whether there will be people filling up your dance floor or struggling not to fall asleep at their tables. So, needless to say, it’s an aspect that you don’t want to mess up. With that in mind, here are some music mistakes you should avoid if you want your wedding to truly be a success in every way.

1. Allowing the silence to go on for too long

There will always be guests who tend to arrive a bit early, but those minutes can seem like an hour if you let them sit and wait in silence. This is why your music should start at least 20 minutes before your ceremony’s official beginning. Moreover, starting a bit early allows you to do the soundcheck and ensure that everything is working properly.

2. Not talking about the playlist

You shouldn’t assume that your chosen band or DJ will know what your favorite songs are. So, if there are songs that are “must-play," let them know. After all, they are there to please you and your guests, so they will appreciate your tips and requests.

Just make sure to talk to them in time so they can learn a song or two if they happen not to know some of your favorites. Similarly, let them know if there are any songs you do not want to be played at your wedding – songs often carry a certain meaning, so you probably don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised to hear your ex’s favorite song at your wedding.

3. Sticking to just one genre

If you want your guests to truly enjoy the music, you need to take into consideration all of their music tastes. If you appeal to just one demographic group, you risk boring other groups, so try to include more genres into your playlist. You can even talk to some of your guests before making the playlist, so you know what kind of music you should include.

Also, don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable jazz shoes with you so you can dance all night if you wish. As for the music during the dancing time, you can’t go wrong with faster, more upbeat songs that will keep the energy up.

4. Not meeting your musicians before the wedding

If you already know which band or DJ you want for your wedding, don’t wait until the ceremony to meet them. Go out with your spouse-to-be and visit one of their live performances so you can really experience their full potential.

You’d also get a chance to see how they respond to their audience and whether they can create the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. If possible, try to talk to the DJ or band leader as well, so you both know who you’d be working with, which always makes things much easier and more comfortable.

5. Not paying attention to the music volume

Keep in mind that you’re organizing a wedding reception, not a nightclub party. If the music is so loud that your guests can’t even hear each other talk, nobody is going to enjoy it because they will be too focused on their headache.

In order to avoid that, keep the music on the level that allows your guests to both hear it and talk over it. You can even make some volume-related requests; you can ask your DJ to lower the music volume during the dinner or cocktail hour and bring it up a notch when the time comes for dancing.

Music is an important part of every wedding, so you should get this right if you want your guests to spend more time on the dance floor and truly enjoy the reception. Therefore, make your playlist in time so your musicians can get familiar with it, keep the volume in mind, mix genres up a bit, wear comfortable shoes for dancing, and your wedding is sure to be one to remember.

Romantic Old Broadwater Farm Wedding

Hannah and Daniel wed on January 21, 2017 at the Old Broadwater Farm in Perth after sweetly meeting at a friend’s birthday where they spent the night making wood-fired pizza and Hannah face painted the young man who would years later become her husband.

Daniel loves photography so he was able to inconspicuously mask the proposal with his passion. The two were watching the sunset at Eagle Bay Beach when he told his soon-to-be-fiancé that he wanted to take a photo of her. As she posed, he started walking towards her and then got down on one knee, holding a camera remote that captured photos of her reaction in that beautifully unforgettable moment.

Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2018

Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2018
Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, and if you’ve gotten engaged recently, it’s just the right time for you to start thinking about your big day. From the choice of venue to your wedding attire, to the catering and invitation choices, everything should be picked out with the utmost care and attention, so make sure you know what you want. Moreover, try to be up to date with the latest wedding trends and plan the modern chic wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

How to Make Your Guests Feel Special at Your Wedding Abroad

Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

This is a guest post by Georgia Selih.

Weddings abroad are not just for those who want to elope; sometimes you will want to travel somewhere warmer, more romantic, or perhaps to your dream destination that just so happens to be in another country. 

However, if you’re planning on hosting your wedding abroad, it does make things a bit more complicated, which is why you should try to make the whole experience as comfortable for your guests as possible. 

With that in mind, here are a couple of suggestions that should help you make your guests feel special on your big day.

Stylish Engagement Rings for Non-traditional Brides

This is a guest post by Ron Burg

Engagement rings are a very important component of the engagement process. An engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s commitment to each other and, often, there is a lot of pressure for an individual to find something that is suited perfectly to the taste of their future partner.

There are many brides who are looking for a traditional engagement ring, which usually includes a gold or silver band, with one centered rock in a round or square cut. While these looks are very feminine and timeless, many brides are now opting for designs that are a little more unique and more reflective of their personal style and preferences.

If you’re a budding bride who is looking for some inspiration, or a partner looking for some ideas
for the important purchase, the following are some stylish engagement rings for non-traditional brides.