10 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

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Congratulations! The big moment arrived and the love of your life (or maybe you!) popped the question. But now that the champagne has worn off and tears of joy shed, you might be left wondering, what do I do now? No doubt there's a huge list of to-dos when it comes to planning a wedding. That's why I've put together this list of 10 mucho important things to start thinking about and taking action on, whether you plan on getting married a year or six months from now.

1. Fantasize about your dream wedding
It may not seem that important, but day dreaming about all those little details will help you organize your thoughts/wishes and get you moving in the right direction. Start a Pinterest board to inspire you or do it the old fashioned way with a few wedding magazines and poster board. Get your partner in on it too and dream up the ideal wedding soiree.

2. Have the money conversation
I know talking about finances is less than glamorous, but it will save you a ton of hassle if you just get it out of the way now. Sit down with hubs or wife-to-be, break out the calculator, and start crunching numbers. How much money do you have to work with? What are the absolute essentials? Where can a compromise be made? Come up with a budget, then set some wiggle room. This also includes figuring out who is going to pay for what. Will his parents cover catering? Will her family take on reception costs?

3. Write up the guest list
From aunt Jane to cousin Timmy, think of everyone you want to invite to the big day.

4. Book a reception venue and ceremony site and lock in the date
Book your venues as early as possible, as many places load up their calendar with events months ahead of time.

5. Select your bridal party
What would you do without that group of friends who vow to be there every step of the way? Your bridal party is essential in helping you dream, plan, and carry through your wedding day. Send the ones you'd like by your side a love note asking them to be your right hand gals (or guys) and how much you appreciate their friendship.

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6. Go dress shopping
Possibly the most fun to-do on your list. Just remember, even if you fall in love with the first dress you try on, keep shopping, You never know what might be hiding in the little shop around the corner. And you can always go back and purchase your first love if nothing else suits your fancy.

7. Book the caterer, florist, band, photographer...
and anyone who will play a significant part in your ceremony/reception. The earlier you do this, the better chance you have of securing your dream team on your specific date.

8. Order invitations and send save-the-dates
This is especially important for the out-of-town guests on your list. People are busy and the sooner you can let them know about the big day, the easier it is for them to make a plan and put it in their calendars.

9. Pick the bridesmaids' dresses
If you want them to dress alike, choose the dresses and get them ordered. If you're letting the girls pick the outfit, let them know if there's a theme (colors, style).

10. Make a register
Family and friends will be looking for that perfect wedding gift; make it easier on them by registering at your favorite places.

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