Alternative Engagement Rings for the Offbeat Bride

I don't know about you, but I like doing things a little differently, especially when it comes to social norms and what's acceptable. The wedding industry is full of these "acceptable" practices and peer pressure to be the best and have the best. The best dress, the best venue, the biggest, most beautiful diamond ring.

Ugh. Yes, diamonds are beautiful, but a) I'm over it and b) the story behind why people are expected to buy diamond engagement rings sickens me. And what sickens me even more is that if a woman doesn't get the big, sparkly rock, other people look at her like she's weird/poor or her fiance doesn't love her enough (true story).

So in a nod to the alternative path, I've put together a bevy of rings that are just as gorgeous as any old diamond. Plus, all that money you or your honey saves can be put towards the actual ceremony or honeymoon!


I like simple beauty, especially when it's vintage like this circa 1910 triple heart ring. Because it's vintage and one-of-a-kind, it's a little pricier at $1128. There are also tiny diamond chips, which makes it all the more unique.

Space Mermaid

Want a big rock? An amethyst wrapped in sterling silver should do the trick.

Kimberly's Treasure
Vibrant blue topaz for mermaids and ocean lovers.

Point No Point Studio
A sparkly, black druzy gemstone set in recycled 14k gold. Eco-friendly and beautiful.

Wooden Jewelry Molk
I've never seen a wooden engagement ring, but how unique! This one's made from American walnut root and crystal.

If you absolutely have to have a diamond, consider this raw, natural formation beauty. The stone is conflict-free and set in recycled metal. 

Urban Outfitters

Sparkling brass in a coiled rope style.

Urban Outfitters

Not only is this bronze, quartz crystal ring big, bold and beautiful, it's handmade by jewelry artisan Sarah Lewis in Philadelphia. 

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