Crafty Cool Wedding Cake Toppers

Forget the standard little plastic people perched on top of your wedding cake. There are so many other unique cake toppers these days! I've pulled some of the craftiest, coolest homemade toppers from Etsy artisans for your perusal pleasure.

Like two pieces of a puzzle - how sweet!
$29.99, bragging bags 
Perfect for a rustic-themed wedding or bridal shower.
$26, Anto Arts
Simple script in gold glitter. Tres elegant.
$25, Emily Steffen 
Pets are family too!
$70, Silhouette Weddings 
The ever popular banner and love birds shrunk to cake size.
$51, Skye Art 
Make it official...for like ever.
$28, Oh Dier Living

Glitter makes everything better.
$3.50, Emily Steffen

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