How to Feng Shui Your Wedding

Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is an ancient Chinese thought that governs spacial arrangement in relation to the flow of energy or chi. Having good Feng Shui means balancing energy and creating space for health, happiness, and good fortune. So what better time to incorporate the art of positive, flowing energy than your wedding day? Some things to keep in mind:

Light up Your Venue
When choosing a venue, find a place with high ceilings and lots of side lighting (think big windows and natural lighting) and avoid overhead lighting if possible. An outdoor wedding is ideal, as the more natural lighting the venue has the more positive chi is able to flow and bring light to your future. Flowing water and earth elements also promote good energy. Have a low-lit venue? Add mirrors and candles to expand more light around the room.

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Consider Table Shapes
Rectangular-shaped and tables with hard, sharp angles are said to create feelings of conflict, so tables with rounded edges are preferable, as they provide more open communication and a relaxed state for guests. If you've already decided on rectangular or square tables, drape them with tablecloths and other pretty things to hide the edges.


Dress the Part
Any Feng Shui practitioner will suggest wearing an off-white dress instead of the traditional white often seen in Western culture. Luckier shades include beige, ivory, gold, and cream, and a pop of red adds even more good fortune. For accessories, adorn yourself with crystal. Whether it's on your dress, shoes, or body, a little sparkle will chase away negative energy.

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Pick a Meaningful Flower
Build your bouquet with each flower's meaning in mind to invite in prosperity, happiness, and love. Here are a few:
Peonies = longevity
Rose = romance
Ivy = vitality
Ranunculus = prosperity
Tulips = sensuality
Chrysanthemums = happiness

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Create a Complimentary Color Palette
In Feng Shui, certain colors and color combinations create different outcomes. For example, red creates an atmosphere of love and romance; black and white symbolize yin and yang (male and female energies), making it the perfect combo for a strong relationship; shades of purple provide passion; blues and greens promote peace and calm.

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