Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Ah...the bachelorette party. Scantily clad men, penis straws, and drunken debauchery complete with pink boas and cheap tiaras. I don't think so! Okay, those things might float someone's boat, but if you're a bride looking to suggest something a little different to the party planner, these ideas might be for you.

It's in the Cards
Get the girls together for a night of tarot/oracle card readings. In the invite, ask that those who have their own card decks bring them. Otherwise, share your own deck, if you have one, or borrow from someone you know.

Light some candles, pour some wine, and have everyone sit in a circle. Let each guest take turns talking about something that's on her mind, something about her future that she wants advice on (she'll shuffle the deck as she talks). Once she's finished talking and shuffling, have her pull a card and discover the advice she's been given.

More mystical party ideas:

Sing While You Savasana
Singing + yoga = who would've thought? Jennifer Pastiloff, that's who. She's the owner of Manifestation Yoga in California and creator of Karaoke yoga, a class that combines everything you love about yoga with the let-it-all-go attitude of karaoke. Of the class Jennifer says,

"It is yoga without taking yourself too seriously. It is singing your heart out and laughing and dancing and balancing and sweating and letting go of all your fears."

Jennifer holds workshops, retreats, and classes all over the U.S. You can sign up for event updates on her website. If attending a karaoke yoga class isn't an option, hold one on your own turf! Have the girls bring their mats, supply the music, go with the flow :)

Pedal Pushers
I read something recently about the popularity of bike tours for corporations holding meetings and thought that could work for a bachelorette party! And why not? It's active, but not too strenuous, and offers the group a way to see the sights around town. It works for a destination party as a way to see a new city and locally - a casual pedal through the park? Sounds dreamy.

A quick search for "bike tours" + your home town results in plenty of options. Many cities also offer bike rentals if you don't want to go on a guided tour.

Wedding Paper Divas

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