Vintage Rose Wedding Inspiration

a labyrinth,
as if at its center,
god would be there -
but at the center, only rose,
where rose came from,
where rose grows -
& us inside of the lips & lips:
the likenesses, the eyes, & the hair,
we are born of,
fed by, & marry with,
only flesh itself, only its passage
-out of where? to where?
from The Rose by Jean Valentine

Sweet rose blooms, spring and early summer dreams, vintage elegance, rose beauty...these are the things that inspired this vintage rose inspiration board. I envision soft pink dresses and dusky pink bouquets (peppermint, amnesia, quicksand, memory lane roses), rose-flavored sugary sweets, tablescapes in rose gold, vintage rose patterns (think Victorian wallpaper), and the slightest hint of red rose on the skin.

Invitation: Just Invite Me // Macarons: Tatler // Rose Cake: Ivory & Rose // Body Cream: Self // Rose Bouquet: The Wedding of My Dreams // Escort Cards: The Knot // Bridal Photo: My Wedding

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