6 Common Wedding Day Worries and How to Beat Them

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Perusing through wedding forums reveals that many brides-to-be have some pretty hefty concerns revolving around the wedding day. And why shouldn't they? It's a big deal! But there are also those pesky worries that buzz around the brain and cause you to lose sleep. You know you shouldn't be worried about such small things, but the longer you think about them, the bigger they get. Here, six of the most common wedding-day fears and why you shouldn't sweat them.

What if it rains?
Have you seen photographs of rainy-day weddings? They have that sort of dramatic, swoon-worthy romantic feel. So you'll have that going for you. But what if it's a downpour and everyone gets drenched and the whole thing is ruined? In that case, you'll have a nice laugh about it in a few years. There are just some things you can't control, one being the weather. But you can take precautions. 
  • Research your location and its weather patterns. 
  • Consider having a covered walkway from the parking lot to the venue. 
  • Stock umbrellas to pass out. 
  • Book an inside space large enough to contain everyone in case the ceremony needs to be moved inside.

What if I don't fit into my dress?
Think about it. Are you really going to gain so much weight that the dress you tried on won't fit anymore? Highly doubtful. And even if you do gain a pound or two, it's not going to make such a difference that you won't be able to lace up the corset. People's weight fluctuates all the time, so you might even lose a few inches. Just make sure to drink plenty of water before the big day and eat as healthy as possible. Not so you can be skinnier, but because it's just plain good for you. Besides, picking out a dress that flatters your shape is better than trying to shed a few pounds with a miracle diet. 

What if there's family drama?
Mixing families and alcohol and the uninvited old flame is rarely a recipe for something good, so it's understandable that you might be worried about this one. Fortunately, you can set up a little pre-wedding communication to make sure nothing goes down. Sit down with anyone you think might cause problems and have a heart-to-heart. Let them know your concerns and ask kindly that they put away any differences or grudges they may have. As for alcohol, let the bartender and servers know about any guests they may need to keep an eye on and if need be, pour lighter drinks. Uninvited guests? Pick your battles on this one. Sometimes it's better to grin and bear it. If you need to have someone escorted out, do so in a subtle manner so as not to create your own dramatic scene.

What if I look horrible in the photos?
Please don't try and live up to some unrealistic, Photoshopped idea of beauty. Do what you can to ensure you look naturally beautiful, like drink water and try out makeup products beforehand so you don't break out in a rash. Have a pimple the day of? Put some makeup on it and forget about it. Chances are people won't notice - they're too busy thinking about what they look like. Trust me.

What if I fall while walking down the aisle?
Get in some dress/shoe rehearsal time so you feel comfortable walking in them. Worst case scenario: you do fall, people gasp and help you back up. You keep walking. No one's going to think you're an idiot or look down on you because you fell. If it helps, each night before drifting off to sleep, envision yourself walking down the aisle in confidence and grace. It's kind of like subconscious practice and will actually improve your walk on the big day.

What if no one shows up?
Seriously? Out of all the family and friends you invited no one or only a handful show up? This is the most unlikely of them all, but let's just say it actually happens. a) You'll get married anyway and celebrate with your soul mate and b) you'll know who your true friends are. If no one shows up, it might be time to find some new buddies.

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