Fun and Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

I know a lot of ladies like to gift their bridesmaids with something they can wear during the wedding or something that signifies the moment, but I'm thinking gifts that are more fun and personal. Something they can cherish even after the wedding bells ring. A few ideas...

Monogrammed Coffee Mug
Grey Skies Blue, $17.50

Canvas Bow Makeup Bag
Gertie Baxter, $9

Inspirational Wall Art
Honey Boo, $15

Chakra Bracelet
malasanmore, $18

Zodiac Glitter Eye Shimmer
Modcloth, $12.99

Wearable Candle (doubles as perfume/body butter)
Uncommon Goods, $28

Two Toned Herbal Slippers (infused with lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary)
Uncommon Goods, $32

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