6 Things Happy Brides Don't Do

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If you're in the process of planning your wedding you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. So much to do, so little time! But I want you to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and let it out sloooooowly. Relax your shoulders. Now that you've loosened up a bit, forget your to-do list for a little while and study up on how to be the happiest bride you can be. And how do you do that? By NOT doing these six things!

Starve Yourself
It's understandable that you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but remember this: your hubs-to-be already thinks you're beautiful, and his opinion is what counts. There's nothing wrong with getting in a few workout sessions and eating healthier, but do it for long-term results, not because you have to fit into a certain size come wedding day. And going on some crazy carrot and water diet that leaves you feeling hungry and angry will only lead you to bridezilla ville, and nobody has time for that. Just eat, sweet pea! A happy bride is a healthy bride.

Try to do Everything on Your Own
You have a bridal party for a reason. Not only are they there to support you as friends, they're there to help you with all those little and big to-dos on your list. Instead of trying to take on all the work, reach out to your friends and family for help. And don't forget about your partner. He may not care as much about color schemes and bouquet selections, but you're in this together. Have him make calls, set up appointments, lick envelopes, etc. I know you're superwoman, but even super women need a little help sometimes.

Have High Expectations
Things might go wrong. I repeat, things might go wrong, or at least not how you imagined, and that's okay. If you're obsessing about every little detail, you won't have time to enjoy the process, much less the actual wedding day. Have a vision for your wedding, but don't get caught up in the details. More importantly, focus on feeling happy and grateful and getting to experience a beautiful moment with your significant other and family and friends. A wedding is a celebration of love, not how perfect everything looks or how smoothly the ceremony goes. A wedding only lasts a day, but your love will last a lifetime, so in the grand scheme of things, if something does go wrong, you'll probably laugh about it a year down the road.

Speed Through the Engagement
On my journal cover is a pretty blue bicycle with a basket of flowers. Written above is "Enjoy the ride." Your engagement is that pretty bicycle. Hop on and enjoy a leisurely ride. Soak up the journey for all it's worth. If not, the whole experience will just be a whirlwind of planning and trying to "get to the destination." It's all a journey to be cherished, so walk (or ride) slowly and mindfully so you don't miss a thing.

Try to Please Everyone
Everyone's going to have an opinion, but a happy bride doesn't have to agree with them all. In the end, it's you and your partner's decision to create a wedding you'll both enjoy. Sure, you have to consider your guests to an extent, but when family and friends try to take over because "they know best" just smile and nod. Tell them you'll consider their advice, but don't in any way feel obligated to do something because you want to try and please everyone. It's not possible.

Imagine the Worst
What if it rains? What if I don't fit into my dress? What if no one shows up? What if, what if, what if? Need some reasons why you shouldn't worry about these things? I've got you covered.

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