Beach Babe Beauty for Seaside Weddings

Hello bride-to-be summer goddesses! Are you planning a beach wedding? Whether you'll be overlooking the ocean on your big day or actually walking down a sandy seaside aisle, you'll definitely want to keep these beauty tips in mind. Also good to know for ocean-bound honeymooners!

Let's talk dresses first. You'll want to wear something light, airy, reminiscent of a wave or ocean breeze. All of these fit the bill: a high-low number to beat the heat and show off those legs, a plunging neckline, pleats for easy movement, and floor-grazing gowns in case you want to go barefoot.

From top left: Halston Heritage Pleated Chiffon Gown | Bebe Crossover Dress | Nicole Miller Gown | Ivy & Aster | J. Crew Silk Chiffon Whitney Gown

When thinking about accessories keep in mind how you'll be wearing your hair (up-do, mermaid waves, long & straight, etc) so you can choose the perfect accent. Crocheted "sandals" are perfect for the barefoot goddess. And don't forget the groom! Pin a starfish on his lapel.

From top left: Sea Treasure Bobby Pins | Starfish Bobby Pins | Sugar Starfish Boutineers | Seashell Crown | Barefoot Sandals

Beauty Tips

Yes, you must slather on the sunscreen.
Okay, I can't make you, but think 10 years into the future. Your skin may look fresh as a daisy now, but at some point the sunspots will appear and the wrinkles will form. I've had my fair share of horrible sunburns, and now at nearly 32, starting to see those little brown spots on my face. Ugh. And I'll spare you the cancer talk because I know you know. An SPF of 30 should do it. 50 means nothing, by the way.

BB Cream.
If you don't want to sunscreen your face, consider a BB cream with sunscreen built in.

Faux tan.
For the golden glow, get a professional faux tan a few days before the wedding or use a bronzer with a slight shimmer. But remember to try any beauty products at least a week before the wedding in case something goes horribly wrong.

Photo by: Bryan N. Miller via Bride Club Me

Stick to lipstick.
Forget gloss. Just imagine a windy day and your hair strands sticking to your lips. Annoying!

Surfer girl waves.
Want those lovely beach babe waves in your hair? Spritz your locks with a sea salt spray like Not Your Mother's Texturizing Spray or concoct your own using Free People's DIY mermaid sea salt spray recipe.

Coconut Miracle.
Use coconut oil as a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated while you're soaking up the sun and salty air. You can also use it as a lip balm, facial scrub, and makeup remover.

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