The Final Countdown: 6 Things To Do A Week Before The Wedding

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I know you're totally psyched about the big day, but stop for about 5 seconds, take a deep breath (don't forget to exhale!), and let's think about those last-minute things you need to handle before the wedding bells ring and the champagne flows.

1. Break in Your Shoes
Honey child, if you haven't slipped on those gorgeous pumps/wedge sandals/cowboy boots yet, please do yourself a favor and get walking. Even if they're cute little ballet flats, don't assume they'll be comfy (i.e.: major heel blisters and bunion pains). Just wear them for about an hour a day to break them in, not to mention, get to know whether you'll need extra cushion or filler. There's nothing worse than a pair of heels sliding off the back of your foot.

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2. Give Last-Minute Requests to Vendors
Contact your photographer, florist, officiant, etc. and hand over any last details you might have. Plus, they might have ideas you haven't thought of or could jar your memory about that super important song you wanted to play during the reception. It also helps if you give each vendor a wedding timeline so everyone has an idea of what's going on when. It's especially important for your photographer and beauty team.

3. Get Waxings/Facials/Tanning
Just like breaking in your shoes, it's best to "try on" all those beauty treatments before you walk down the aisle. This also goes for hair and makeup for you and your bridal party.

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4. Schedule Gown and Tux Fittings
Once the gowns and suits are picked up it's natural to think all is well, but schedule one last fitting for yourself and remind everyone else to do the same. Just because the pants were tried on at the store (and fit) doesn't mean the best man received the right size in the end. You'll also want to try on your wedding gown with any accessories and shape wear you plan on wearing. You never know how things will ultimately feel and look until it's all together.

5. Pack an Emergency Kit
Life happens, so be prepared with a kit full of things you might need before and during the ceremony/reception/after party. Must haves include scissors, tape, hairspray, hair pins, hair brush, pain reliever, bandages, and a sewing kit.

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6. Stay Healthy
I know you want to look and feel your absolute best on the big day, but skipping meals or going on "cleanses" in the name of beauty won't do you a bit of good. Even if you're tempted to skip lunch because you're busy with wedding planning, there's no excuse not to nourish yourself. Eat well-balanced meals consisting of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

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