Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Although a classic wedding guestbook is always a beautiful way to capture inspiration from guests, there are also a ton of creative ways to save the memories sans paper and binding. Here are a few.

I love this idea for a seaside or beach-themed wedding: writing well wishes on seashells.

Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas
Photo: Nicole Hill Gerulat; Styling: Blake Ramsey

A vintage typewriter beckons the poet in everyone to leave a loving note.

Photo: Bespoke Bride

Collect postcards for guests to write on, then put the collection in an album. You'll enjoy revisiting the messages 10 years from now.

Photo: You Look Nice Today Photography

A library card catalog holder (remember those?) is the most organized way to collect well wishes and good advice.

Larks and Cake, $80

Have guests sign tiles that, when put together, reveal a wedding, engagement, or any photo of your choosing.

CF Original, $120

This one's perfect for an autumn wedding. Gorgeous handmade paper tags you can hang from tree branches or set next to an autumn display.

Moon Flower Nature Art, $35

This little box full of wooden hearts is the epitome of rustic romance. After the wedding celebrations, set it on the coffee table as a conversation starter.

Arcina, $68

Forget the guestbook...have a guest box! A suitcase holds all kinds of treasures for guests to write on and you'll have a lovely keepsake for years to come.

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