How to Throw a 5 Senses Bridal Shower

Photo by: Dave Richards Photography
I was inspired by the idea of a five senses bridal shower when I saw the lovely one created by Carolyn Chen featured on the Hostess with the Mostess blog. The luxe party theme included something tantalizing for each of the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. If you'd like to re-create the five senses theme, here are some ideas.

Sight - focus on beautiful decor and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere
Sound - have music playing in the background; match the genre to the sub-theme, if you have one (i.e. retro or classical music for a vintage theme)
Touch - different textures for linens and decor
Taste - a delicious menu, of course (appetizers, entree, dessert, drinks)
Smell - a scented party favor, like a candle or custom perfumes the guests make for themselves

A flower arranging class is the perfect activity to satisfy the "smell" category. Fill bowls with fresh flowers and supply guests with pruning shears, twine, vases, and whatever else they might need to create a lovely bouquet. Call in a professional if you need guidance or teach the class yourself with a little help from the internet.
Photo by: Melanie Grizzel via Snippet and Ink

Mmm...what's more tantalizing on the taste buds than coffee and donuts? Set up a coffee bar and stock it with syrups, milk, sugar, creamer, stirrers, napkins, and a decadent mix of donuts.
Photo by: Jessica Fey Photography via Shower Belle

I love the idea of having someone play the harp during the bridal shower. If that's not your cup of tea there's always guitar, flute, piano...
Photo source: Daily Mail

I'm pretty sure these glitter-dipped cake pops satisfy all the senses.
Photo by: Bollinger Images via The Bride Link / Cake Pops by: Queen's Sweets

The sky's the limit when it comes to decor. You can hang mason jars, dye your own linens, or add surprising touches to everyday objects.
Photo source: My Fabuless Life

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