Hot Tips for a Bridal Boudoir Session You (and groom!) Will Love

If you've been dreaming of starring in your own sexy bridal boudoir photo session, but just haven't taken the leap, I've got some hot tips to help you bust through your fears and let your inner bombshell shine.

I know it can be a bit scary stripping down to your skivvies in front of a stranger and trying to look sexy. Doing it in front of the mirror is one thing, ya know? But there are so many awesome things about participating in a boudoir session.

These types of photo shoots are meant to showcase your beauty, confidence, and strength as a woman. Not only will your groom love getting the photos as a wedding gift, but you'll love looking at them too! And don't think you have to be a bride to get in on the fun. Do it to celebrate your birthday or because you've healed from a tragic time in your life or just because you wanna get pampered and show yourself some love.

Hot Tips for a Bridal Boudoir Session You (and groom!) Will Love
Photographer: Teneil Kable Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

If you've been putting a boudoir session off because you're "not ready" just know that you'll never feel ready. Whether it's because you want to lose more weight or you're waiting for the right event to celebrate, the longer you put it off the more excuses will build up. Before you know it, life will have passed you by and you'll wonder, why didn't I do it sooner? Just do it already, lady! You're sexy enough, young enough, worthy enough. Your groom will adore them (he adores you!) and you'll get a new perspective on your beauty.

Photographer: Jabez Photography

Once you've decided to take the plunge, find a boudoir photographer you feel comfortable with. Have a face-to-face consultation and let her know what you hope for the shoot, your ideas, concerns, fears, whatever. Basically, cultivate a relationship before the actual photo session so your photographer isn't a "stranger" once you get in front of the camera.

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Before the photo shoot, pamper yourself silly. Get your hair done or a mani/pedi, spritz yourself with your favorite perfume, and pick out which lingerie you want to wear during the shoot. Most photographers will tell you to bring a few options to work with. And don't forget the little details like stockings, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. You can also put together a mix of songs to listen to during the session to get you pumped up and feeling your best.

Photographer: Own Boudoir via Modernly Wed

Eat breakfast the day of the shoot to avoid that I'm-about-to-pass-out feeling. Arrive early so you don't feel rushed - that flushed look will show up in the photos. Better to be early and relaxed. Most of all, remember to have fun, be in the moment, enjoy the experience. Take a few risks, go outside your comfort zone, even if just a little. This is all about you, babe, so make it count!

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