8 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

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Let's face it - there are some people you'll send your wedding invitation to who will either a) grumble at having to sit through another boring wedding or b) decide to go for the free food and alcohol. Sure, people should be over the moon about your upcoming day, but the truth is, most people would rather get a root canal than have to pretend to care about what flower arrangements you picked out or the monogrammed thingamajig they'll get as a wedding favor.

They're your friends and they love you, which is why your wedding day should offer them a little something more than the standard fare. I'm not saying make it all about them or spend mega bucks trying to impress your nearest and dearest. Just get a little creative. Add some spice to your wedding as a thank you to friends and family. Here are some ways to throw a fun-filled wedding reception and keep guests smiling.

Photo Booth + Stand Ins
Everyone loves a selfie. Rent a photo booth, make your own, or set up a photo stand in.
Photo by: Katie Stoops

Caricature Drawings
Book a caricature artist and turn guests into a work of art.
via Giant Invitations

Food Trucks
Skip an extensive menu and hire a food truck. Serve up everything from dinner to dessert or have the truck come rolling in later in the evening for a surprise snack fest. Guests will love a popcorn/taco/donut break.
Photo by: Chelsey Boatwright Photography

Could be for the kids or the grownups...because who doesn't love candy falling from the sky?
Photo by: Sherman Chu Photography

Unexpected Entertainment
I'm talking tarot readers, magicians, stand-up comics, and belly dancers. You could even have the dancers teach guests a few moves.
Magician Matt Parro

Interactive Cocktail Hour
Let guests gather 'round for wine and beer tastings with connoisseurs.
Photo by: Nessa K Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

Open Kitchens + Edible Menus
Set up a few "kitchen bars" with their own cuisine themes: Asian, Mexican, Italian, etc. Hire professionals to cook up plates while guests watch and munch. Also, edible chocolate menus!
via Room Forty

Games + Activities
Play a game of I Spy and let guests capture wedding-day memories.
Left: Ash & James Photography | Right: Atypical Type A

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