Family-Friendly Outdoor Wedding: Amber + Nate

Family-Friendly Outdoor Wedding: Amber and Nate

I think we can all agree that one's wedding day is a special mix of fantasy and reality. On the one hand you have all the things you've been dreaming about for ages: the beautiful dress, the carefully crafted cake, the man of your dreams watching you walk down an aisle of rose petals. And on the other hand you have those things that don't quite go according to plan: a rainy day, a menu mishap, a baby who won't stop screaming at the back of the church.

But that's what makes weddings so special and why I love Amber and Nate's wedding captured by Maggie of Echo Photography at the High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah. "Amber & Nate have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Charlie, and she was involved in the whole wedding, including sitting on Amber's train during the wedding ceremony," Maggie said. 

"When I asked Amber if she had any advice for couples planning their wedding she said, 'If you have kids, involve them! I can't imagine how boring my wedding day would have been without her. Allow your actual life to be what people see. My day was chaotic but it was real and full of love and excitement for our new family. I think since we happily embraced it our guests loved it and felt it was us.'"

Photographer: Maggie Herbst, Echo Photography

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