6 Bridal Shower Gifts for a Bohemian Bride

Is your bride-to-be gal pal a free spirit kind of girl with eclectic tastes? Is her bridal shower right around the corner? Have you found her a gift yet? No worries! Here are some gift ideas that any bohemian bride would be truly thankful for.

Bohemian Bride Gift Ideas

1. A handmade woven blanket is an especially practical gift for fall and winter brides, but it's so beautiful that she'll want to display it all year round. Perfect for snuggling at the beach, campsite, or outdoor festival. Free People, $78

2. This soothing spell bath blend is a mix of lavender, rose buds, white willow, eucalyptus, calendula flower, sage, and juniper and can be used as a facial steam or bath enhancer. Free People, $28

3. Salt lamps are said to emit negative ions, which in turn decrease positive ions, or "electronic smog" (tv screens, computer monitors, microwaves, smoke, etc.). Having one is kind of like having your own mini salt mine or a room full of ocean air. It's a natural relaxation aid. Mystic Crystal Imports, $27

4. What bohemian woman doesn't love a dreamcatcher? This one is aptly named "The Bride" and is a perfect addition to the newlywed's bedroom. Studio Yuki, $59

5. If she's the artsy type, she'll love this watercolor print of a girl wearing the quintessential boho accessory - a flower crown! Maybe package it with a crown of her own. Pink Puddle Studio, $13

6. There's no such thing as having too many clutches, especially when they're as cute as this one. It's the perfect size for everyday use or as a tablet carrier. Summerland, $64

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