How to Add Crystals to Your Wedding

How to Add Crystals to Your Wedding

Dearest nature-loving, bohemian, woo-woo bride: I know how much you love crystals and rainbow-colored rocks that catch your eye while digging in the garden. I do too! I remember as a kid rooting around in neighbors' rock gardens and sneaking out the ones that called to me. Then, I'd put them in my mason jar and hold them close to my heart, not knowing anything about the power they held. It just felt right and made me smile.

Do you have a crystal collection? Want to incorporate them into your wedding for some major prettiness and high vibrations? Even if you don't believe in all the "hippy woo-woo" stuff, crystals and stones can add a unique look to your wedding. I've come across some pretty nifty ways to add these earthy beauties to everything from your dessert to your decor. Read on for some ideas and inspiration.

Bottle Stoppers
Seth and Kim's bohemian Big Sur wedding was filled with DIY elements like these crystal and cork bottle stoppers. If you'd like to create your own stoppers to fancy up your bubbly and wine, here's a great tutorial by Camille Styles.
Evynn LeValley via 100 Layer Cake | Camille Styles

Rock Candy Dessert
Create the illusion of crystals by adding crushed rock candy to your cupcakes, cookies, and wedding cake. You could also place rock candy sticks into cocktail glasses for guests to use as drink stirrers.
Mackensey Alexander via Swooned Magazine | Anneliese Yang Photography via Wedding Chicks

Tea Light Holders 
Clusters of crystals on their own make for beautiful decor, but placing tea lights on and around them sets a romantic mood with just the right amount of shine.
Mackensey Alexander via Swooned Magazine
As an Accessory
You can always add crystal elegance to your wedding by actually wearing them. Crystal headpieces, necklaces, and rings are all widely available and you can choose which crystal suits you based on its color and properties (read up on their meanings).
 Paula Bartosiewicz via Burnett's Boards
Place Card Holders
A crystal or stone bearing one of your wedding colors is a lovely way to hold place cards and other paper goods. Crystals placed in the middle of guests's plates or wrapped around napkins can double as wedding favors.
Anneliese Lang Photography via Wedding Chicks | Paula Bartosiewciz via Burnett's Boards

Wrap the Bouquet
Wrap your chosecrystals around your bridal bouquet with ribbon, string, or twine.
Mackensey Alexander via Swooned Magazine
If you like these natural crystal wedding ideas or know someone who would, please pass along!

Header Image by:  Paula Bartosiewciz Photography via Burnett's Boards

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