Bridal Lingerie for Curvy Gals

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After you've said "I do," thrown the bouquet, and danced your first dance as a married couple, you'll want to sneak away to the lover's suite and put on something a little more comfortable. And I'm not talking about the cutesy kitten pajamas you love so much. You may look adorable in those, but these pieces will take you from gorgeous wife to sex kitten status in no time. From veils and masks to corsets and stockings, Hips & Curves has the curvy woman covered...or not so covered. Find your favorite, then get ready for a night of pure seduction.

1.  Un ”Veil” Your Perfect Bridal Look

Whether you’re a modern bride or love the glamour of disguise, an important accessory is your veil. You could be a hidden princess, a mysterious diva or a traditional bride hiding behind a curtain. Why not skip the ordinary and look extraordinary with this incredible selection of bridal veils and accessories.

Left: Tulle Bridal Veil | Top Right: Soft Tulle Large Veil | Bottom Right: Black Bridal Veil

Left: Butterfly Face Mask | Top Right: Floral Laser Cut Face Mask | Bottom Right: Venetian Face Mask

2.  Traditional Bridal Lingerie & Accessories

If you want a white “haute” look that can turn your honeymoon into heated pleasure, check out these traditional styles, and some with a fun twist!

White Burlesque Corset | Halter Babydoll with Tie Cups

Traditional White Satin and Lace Bustier | Strappy Stretch Lace Bra

3.  Skirts to “Skirt” The Reception

If you ever needed a reason to skip out and “skirt” disaster (that crazy aunt or awkward ex), these skirts will help you scoot into a night of fun with your new partner. Match them to any top and make 'em swizzle while you swirl and “bustle” in these fabulous bridal lingerie skirts.

Long Stretch Taffeta Skirt | Not So Basic Side Slit Skirt

Metallic Trumpet Tulle Skirt | Victorian Bustle Skirt | Super Soft Long Tulle Petticoat

4.  Princess Lingerie for a Fairytale Night

If you’re ready to “Cinderella” your way out of the ball, or “Sleep” like a “Beauty” these fun styles of bridal lingerie can take your fairytale wedding and turn your night into a dream-come-true. Style them up or down and enjoy a night of magic as you start your own happy ever after.

Bella Taffeta Blue Corset | Rose Gold Corset | Lace Trim Long Satin Gown

Left: Lace Leg Garters | Top Right: Sheer Lace Top Stockings | Bottom Right: Opera Length Stretch Gloves

5.  For a Unique Fantasy Wedding

Time to turn your honeymoon suite into your fantasy realm. Become the queen of the night or the master of your castle with these fabulous and fun bridal pieces from a fantasy world.

Jules Steel Boned Leather Corset | Callista Steel Boned Corset with Buckles

Vintage Cotton Tiered Petticoat | Vintage Cotton Steel Boned Corset

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