Counterfeit Wedding Dresses: What You Need to Know

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Dearest bride-to-be,
Today I'm sharing an article with you, a very important article written by my friend and business owner Shireen Jackson. Shireen owns and operates Jackson's Ladies Fashions, a formal wear and women's clothing store in my hometown of San Angelo, TX, and is hip to all things wedding. 
She recently shared with me that there are some major scams going on in the wedding world, namely the wedding dress scam. When I read her article I knew I had to share with you because there's so much good information in it and information that you definitely NEED to know before purchasing a wedding gown over the internet. 
Read on, sweet stuff. You can't afford not to know about this.

"So, you have found your dream wedding dress on a designer’s web site or at bridal boutique, and the designer’s recommended retail is $2000. Then you find a photo of the same dress pictured on an internet site for the bargain price of $200. Logically, you have to ask yourself 'What is being compromised?' Is it the fabric or lace, the quality of the beading or embellishments? Is it the design or inner construction & fit of the garment? Probably all!
Too many brides have been terribly disappointed and lost their money to counterfeit sellers from a foreign country that blatantly steal the designer’s original model’s photographs and use those identical images to advertise dresses on their web sites, leading brides to believe that they are selling the same style and quality gown for a fraction of the cost. The dress you'll receive, if you ever receive it, will be a cheap knock~off version of the gown you fell in love with - only a semblance of the designer’s fabrics and embellishments, fit and quality. 

Imagine paper thin fabrics, stiff laces, cheap sequins, itchy netting, uneven seams, unflattering cuts and shortened trains. Counterfeit gowns frequently arrive in sizes and lengths that have no bearing on the measurements you saw on the website, resulting in a poor fit. If it's even possible to alter the gown, and if you can find a willing, experienced seamstress, then the alteration costs often can exceed the purchase price, negating most of the savings you received from ordering a gown online, and you will still be left with an inferior quality dress. Additionally you will have to pay to have your gown pressed for the portraits & wedding day, when that service is usually either free or discounted at full service bridal salons.
For the most important dress of a lifetime, brides are advised to shop only with an Authorized Retailer and an established bridal salon! When shopping for a particular designer or dress, check the designer’s web site to locate an Authorized Retailer, the only businesses approved by the designer to distribute their gowns! Designers do not sell direct to the public from their web sites, but only through their Authorized Retailers! 
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'Buyer’s Beware' warnings are a part of every legitimate designer’s web site, and it is best to heed their advice against trusting some unknown internet seller from who-knows-where to timely deliver an “authentic“ designer gown at a unbelievably low discounted price!"
Moral of the story: get thee to a bridal salon and work with people who know what they're doing. The dress may be more expensive up front, but you'll know what you're getting, how it fits, and that it's the real deal. It's a decision you won't regret.
P.S. Check out Top Prom Websites for a list of sites that are known to sell knock-off and counterfeit dresses.
Jackson's Ladies Fashions is located at 2418 W. Avenue N in San Angelo, Texas. 

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