3 Sexy Ways to Maximize Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

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Some brides get nervous when they hear “bridal boudoir,” while others get excited. The truth is that boudoir photo shoots are fun, empowering and most important, all about you! Just like your big day, you need to make it match your unique style.  

Your photographer will be able to capture your image, create incredible light and show you off, but it’s up to you to make sure you're displayed in a way that resembles your individuality. Here are 3 things to think about before you go for your bridal boudoir shoot. 

1. Pick a Prop

You’ll see a ton of shoots where the bride has a crop, sports jersey or even their veil. Those are great for the traditional shots you’ll want, but think a bit outside the box and get one that matches your unique style.  

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Did you meet your partner at a concert?  Find the band t-shirt and pair it with your favorite sexy undies. Was it at the beach?  Use a beach chair, umbrella, or beach toys. If you love a specific painting or artist, pose like you’re in one of their works. Remember, this is your shoot and it should match what you love. Having a prop can inspire you and help you relax and have fun.

2. Show-off Your Favorite Features

You know what you like and what your partner likes. This is your time to show them off. After hair and makeup, think about what kinds of lingerie you'd like to wear. Some things to keep in mind:

♥ Bustiers can boost your bust
♥ Push-ups hold your girls up high
♥ G-strings can help create long-looking-legs
♥ Corsets can create shapely silhouettes

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3. Have Fun! 

Bridal boudoir is about having fun, so get creative and let your inner goddess out to play. Play your favorite empowering music, try different poses, be sexy, daring, relaxed, whatever you want! Just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. You’re creating art that you and your partner will love for years to come, so work it babe! 

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