Stone Fox Bride: Dresses for Dream Makers

Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride's Creative Director Molly Guy had a dream, and that dream was to turn the New York wedding scene upside down. Well, to make it more enchanted anyway. Out with princess gowns and stuffy wedding salons. In with hippie chic silhouettes and dreamy dress up sessions.
Voted "Best Anti-Bridezilla Bridal Showroom in New York" by Time Out New York, Stone Fox Bride carries a curated selection of bridal gowns, veils, headpieces, and rings. Our mission is to offer brides everything they need to have the mellow, meaningful and insanely cool wedding of their dreams. Our tiny team is comprised of formally trained designers, artists and pattern makers. Our collection is made from the finest silks and laces, and everything is draped, patterned and sewn in New York City's top ateliers. We are a team of women who design for women — short, tall, curvy, small and everything in between. Love is what we live for. Our goal is for all brides to walk down the aisle in truth and in style.
Are you a Stone Fox bride?

The Farrah

For the bride who: "Favors refined, high-end clothing with a psychedelic disco vibe — think Jill Sander meets Roller Girl in “Boogie Nights”— and who saunters saucily down the aisle with a coquette smile to a classic violin rendition of “Super Freak” by Rick James."

The Circe

For the bride who: "Is having a fusion Buddhist Big Sur ceremony and a Redwoods Forest blowout featuring a Black-Metal- Bluegrass-Band, naked prayer circle and all-night raging dance party."

The Glenda

For the bride who: "Fancies herself a hybrid of Stevie Nicks and Florence Welsh— and whose smudge stick-spoken-word-high-concept-kundalini wedding ceremony takes place in a secret overgrown garden at sundown during the autumnal equinox."

The Caitlin

For the bride who: "Craves an intimate backyard or beach wedding surrounded by her nearest and dearest — then spends the after party barefoot on an Appalachian blanket, feasting on good vibes, fish tacos and beer."

The Valentina

For the bride who is: "A classically trained ballerina turned painter turned art therapist who moonlights as a dominatrix and and knows all the words to "Midnight Cowboy" by heart."

The Polly

For the bride who: "is torn between a highbrow church ceremony complete with liturgy, white limo and hornpipe procession —  or a low-key City Hall service that she pedals over to solo on a repurposed scrap metal painted pink bike."

See even more dresses, veils, jewelry, crowns, cakes, flowers, and gifts at Stone Fox Bride.

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