2016 Wedding Trends: The Transparent Wedding Gown

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Over the next few weeks we're going to talk about the trends you'll see throughout the year. I'm not always one for trendy things, as they come and go so easily, but these trends can be personalized to fit your unique personality, guaranteeing a look that is classic. No looking back on your wedding photos 10 years from now and thinking Why did I do that?? 

First up, the transparent wedding dress. These dresses range from scantily sexy to modern glam. Bridal Fashion Week showcased translucent dresses, gowns with cutouts, and separates that left little to the imagination.

There's no doubt that these dresses are a far cry from the prim and proper Victorian gowns that the 19th century used to symbolize virtue and chastity. The transparency is seductive, but in some cases it's in a modest way. In other cases, the dresses might as well be lingerie. Whatever the case, brides want sexy dresses. They want to walk down the aisle feeling powerful and beautiful in all their femininity, which is why this trend is perfect.

Whether you want racy decadence or just a hint of skin on show, there's a transparent wedding dress look for you.

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