Moon Magic for Brides

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There's something so incredibly romantic about the moon. Waves move to it, women cycle with it, and magic happens underneath it.

I'm enamored with the moon and magic, and I'm not the only one. Its phases and lunar mysteries have inspired people for centuries.

La Luna has a cosmic power within her, but so do we. Like most magical things, the item (whether it be a planet, a star, a candle, or a tarot card) is given power through our own magical abilities. It's about focus, really. When you light a candle and watch the flame as you envision a dream, you're focusing your intentions. You're creating simple magic.

Same goes for the moon. Sit underneath her for a (love) spell. Let her light infuse you. Create bridal magic.

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The moon has many phases, but today we'll focus on the new moon.

The new moon is when the sun and moon are in exactly the same spot. Because the sun is blocking the moon from view, it doesn't appear to be visible. The sky is much darker without the sunlight bouncing off the moon.

New moons are perfect for putting dreams into action, as it represents a time for beginnings, new projects, action, movement towards goals, change and growth.

As a bride, you have loads of wedding dreams whirling around in your head. The new moon is the perfect time to plant the seeds of those dreams.

I think a blessing spell is a great overarching spell for a bride to use. You can bless your engagement, your wedding day, your marriage, or your home as a couple.

This is a simple blessing by Elisabeth Brooke that you can recite under the new moon:

Bless this house
and all who live within her walls.
May we grow and prosper here,
wise in old ways.
May our spirits soar
and our bounty increase.
May the larks of heaven
and the angels of the deep
enclose and protect us.
Bless this house.

You can use it as is, alter it to fit your needs, or write your own. As long as the words are spoken from your heart, that's all the magic you need.

Check the calendar above for the next new moon date and prepare yourself for a night of magic. Light a candle, hold a piece of rose quartz in your hand, and feel the love!

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