2016 Wedding Trends: 3-D Printing

Painted 3-D flowers via 3DPrint
My husband bought a 3-D printer a few months ago and it has become his new favorite toy. He's been playing around with it, printing out beginner nick knacks like a puma chip clip, the Zelda logo, and a label for his team's billiards trophy.

It's a really interesting tool and I've been hearing a lot about its rise in popularity now that it's more affordable (about $400 for a do-it-yourself model). It's not what I'd spend my Christmas money on, but hey. Everybody's got their thang, and it seems that engaged couples are digging the 3-D printed look.

From realistic cake toppers and save the date cards to wedding favors and bridesmaid jewelry, couples are jumping on the bandwagon to create unique and personalized wedding elements. Here's just a sampling.

Cake Toppers

Design by Aiman Akhtar via Creative Bloq
Edible sugar sculptures by Sugar Lab
Custom cake topper design by Mama's Sauce
via The Hudson Valley News
Design by Doob
Save the Date Cards

Design by Wed3D
Design by Red Bliss
Wedding Favors

Design by Printsicle
Design by Mesh Cloud
Design by Half Craft Studio
Bridesmaid/Bridal Jewelry

Design by Collected Edition
Design by Formo Topia
Click on any of the companies listed below the photos for more information on how you can create your own 3-D wedding designs.

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