Real Bridal Magic: Weetzie Bat Wedding Vibes

Real Bridal Magic: Weetzie Bat Wedding Vibes

Oh lovelies, have I got some bridal magic for you today!

I first saw this photo shoot on Francesca Lia Block's (author of Weetzie Bat and the Dangerous Angels collection) blog and knew I had to look more into the lovely ladies who produced it.

First off, Francesca Lia Block is one of the most magical writers I have ever encountered. I started reading her books around age 16 and I'm still reading them. I read the new ones and re-read the old ones over and over again. I've even taken writing workshops with her. She is truly an inspiration and an incredible mentor.

So I followed her link to the lovely Aurora Lady's website - the artist behind these ethereal photos - and promptly emailed miss Aurora to ask if I could feature this shoot on Bridal Magic.

Here's the story:

"My friend, Augusta Gail, is one of my favorite people. She’s endlessly positive, big on adventuring, and really funny (I know, everyone’s friends are REALLY funny! But Augusta really is. Her brain is on fire and she’s constantly coming up with new words to describe things. I’m not even sure she aware she’s done it til it comes out of her mouth! The BEST!). When she told me she was looking for her perfect wedding dress and was having trouble, my brain went straight into DIY mode. While making her dream dress is probably too much for us to take on ourselves, we thought it would help to create a shoot that captured the vibe she was going for.
I love the way these photos came out. Augusta and I both love the Dangerous Angels series by Francesca Lia Block, and we joked that this was very much 'Weetzie Bat Wedding Vibes.'"

The girls put together this project in the span of an afternoon. Augusta brought a collection of clothes, Aurora did her "pink flower dappled fawn" makeup look, and the result is a kaleidoscope of pastel rainbows, a bit of boudoir, and a whole lot of dangerous angel magic. I'm a smitten kitten and I think you will be too.

Stylist/Art Direction/MUA: Aurora Lady | Instagram @auroralady
Model: Augusta Gail | Instagram @augustagail

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