Pineapple, Please! 5 Ways to Add a Punch of Pineapple to Your Event

5 Ways to Add a Punch of Pineapple to Your Event
Mary Costa Photography via Sugar & Cloth
I've noticed people are in love with pineapples. One of my top pins on Pinterest is of a pineapple vase like the one above. I wouldn't necessarily call it a trend because I've seen pineapple-inspired design going on for a long time. Perhaps it's a classic trend and one that's making its way into the wedding world. I think using pineapples as a starting point for a bridal shower or bachelorette party is a great idea. There's so much to work with as far as colors and textures go. Plus, it's a great theme for a summer get together (tiki party!) Here are some ways you can incorporate the much loved pineapple into your event's style and theme.

Stemless Wine Glass, $16 | Gold Foil Paper Plates, 8 for $6.25
Tableware is essential at any social event serving food and drinks, so why not put some pineapple pizzazz on the glasses and plates? Serve a fruity cocktail or wine out of a chic stemless glass and serve your guests delectable treats on foil-pressed paper plates with pineapple detail.

Pursuit of Shoes
You could decorate the venue space with actual pineapples...with a twist. Paint the stems using acrylic paints and foam brushes. Paint them all the same color, a mix of colors, ombre, rainbow, black and white, or whatever suits your style. Get creative and have fun making your own pineapple decorations. Ashley from Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes will show you how.

PocketBac Holder, $5.50
Give the gift of pineapple. Fill a pretty box with summertime treats, like this PocketBac clip holder and anti-bac gel from Bath & Body Works, a hand fan, pineapple flavored lip balm, and a pair of pineapple sunglasses.

10 Embellished Straws for $10.50
Add some bling to your straws with glittering pineapple embellishments. Serve up a signature pineapple cocktail and pop these babies in. Guaranteed guests will ooh and aah.

Bride Tribe Tattoo, $13 | Pineapple Temp Tattoo, $5
Wear it! The easiest way to get everyone on board (because some guests might not have clothes with a pineapple design on them) is to hand out temporary tattoos at the beginning of the party. This is an especially fun way for all the girls to match at a bachelorette party.

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