Festival Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas

Festival Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Festival season is upon us! And so is wedding season, which means you'll either be planning a pre-wedding party or getting invited to one. This includes the highly anticipated bachelorette party, which when you think about it, works perfectly into festival season. Girl gang, guitars, rockin' out by the campfire. Bachelorette party + festival theme = meant to be! Here's some inspiration to help you plan (or give hints about) a festival-inspired bachelorette party.

Where to Stay

You can create a festival atmosphere anywhere, whether inside or outside. Some ideas:
  • Yurt
  • Log cabin
  • Glamping campsite
  • Vintage caravan (if you're anywhere near Marfa, TX I recommend El Cosmico)
  • Tent
  • Teepee

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*You could even pitch a tent in your home or backyard and decorate it with blankets, pillows, twinkly lights, candles, ribbons, feathers, flowers, etc.

What to Eat and Drink

Wherever you're staying will guide you in what kinds of eats and drinks to provide. If you're at a campsite, take note of what amenities they offer: BBQ and fire pits, wood-burning stove, kitchen. Do you want catered food? homemade dishes? simple snacks? Whatever you choose, make sure you let others know what they need to bring, if anything, and ask for help if you want to create a menu around fresh food. Items to consider:

  • Water (stay hydrated during the warm-weather months)
  • Lemonade (with fruit or flower-infused ice cubes)
  • Cocktails (a signature cocktail, of course)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • BBQ
  • Tacos
  • Veggie burgers
  • Small snack foods like popcorn and trail mix
  • S'mores (for the campfire!)
  • Naked cake
  • Hot chocolate (for those desert evenings)
  • Coffee

Create a VIP pass for the bachelorette party guests / Photo by Marvin Advincula Photography
What to Do

Create your own mini festival by hiring a local band or rock out on your own instruments if you or any other guests know how to play. Other ideas:
  • Face painting
  • DIY flower crowns
  • DIY dream catchers
  • Tie-dye
  • Hula hoop competition
  • Water balloon fight
  • Outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, hiking, etc.
  • Feather painting
  • Dance competition
  • Card games

What to Wear

Everyone knows how important a festival outfit is. Stay comfortable, stay cool, and express yourself through these outfit pieces and accessories.

  • Feathers and flower crowns
  • Bangles and bracelets
  • Flowy tops 
  • Fringe and lace
  • Necklaces
  • Sunshades
  • Hats
  • Comfortable shoes and sandals
  • Denim
  • Flowing skirts and dresses
  • Rompers 

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What to Give

It can't be a party without party favors. Here are some festival-inspired party favor ideas:

Now that you have the what, when, and where details, start planning that perfect festival-themed bachelorette party! 

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