Wicked Fun Activities for a Witchy Bachelorette Party

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Calling all witchbabies! I'm pretty sure it's the season of the witch (if it ever ended) and I'm seeing oodles of ideas and inspiration related to all things magical. Maybe you're a bonafide witch who wants to celebrate love and magic at her bachelorette party, or maybe you're playing host and want to infuse the fete with some higher vibrations. Whatever your situation, if you're looking for some fun activities to enjoy at your bachelorette party, you've come to the right place. Pick one, mix and match, or choose them all. Fate's in your hands.

Candlelit Dinner

Gather the girls for an evening around the table. Cover the table in moss, crystals, twigs, tea lights and tapered candles in the colors of your choice. Spin a witchy playlist (you can find 376 free witch-inspired playlists on 8tracks), and serve edible crystal cupcakes for dessert. And in case you're a kitchen witch and want to make your own, Alana Jones-Mann has a recipe for gemstone cupcakes (pictured below). Yum!

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Watch Magickal Movies

A few of my favorites:

Get Tattooed

With temporary tattoos that is. Etsy has some beautiful moon designs.

Left: Tattoorary | Top Right: Cool Fashion 4U | Bottom Right: Clowders
 New Moon Ritual

The new moon is a time for setting intentions, new beginnings, and planting seeds for future growth. The intentions, dreams, and wishes you "plant" during the new moon will grow as the moon waxes into its fullness. If you have your bachelorette party on the night of the new moon, consider circling with your girls for a few fun and simple rituals. The Hoodwitch has some great tips for creating your own new moon ritual.

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Full Moon Ritual

Full moons represent a time for letting go of what no longer serves one's highest good. It's also great for shedding light on what's working, what's not working, and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals and dreams. If your bachelorette party falls on the full moon and you want to infuse some witchy magic into your celebration, have everyone participate in a releasing ritual, like this one from The Little Sage.

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Craft a Spell Candle

Take crafting night to a whole new level by creating a spell candle. You can do this from scratch by heating wax and tucking herbs and oils into the candle before pouring/rolling or you can infuse magic into an already made candle. For easy instructions on how to make a candle using beeswax sheets, read DIY: Spell Candles by Sabbats and Sabbaths.

If you want to work with an already made candle, first think about what kind of energy you want to infuse the candle with and what your intentions will be when you use the candle. This will help you find the corresponding color and give you ideas on what herbs and oils to use. For example, if you want to perform a love spell (say for wedded bliss), you might choose a pink or white candle and carve "wedded bliss" or "everlasting love" into the wax. Then you can roll the candle in your chosen oil, herbs, and flowers. This article has a list of color correspondences and various spells.

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Craft a Wish Bottle

Another crafty project for a witchy bachelorette party is the wish bottle, which is exactly what it sounds like - a sacred, magical space for all your wishes. I've created several using different sized bottles, glitter, seashells, confetti, and candle wax. Hop on over to my other blog, The Sacred Middle, for a tutorial on how to create your own.

Tarot Reading

What witchy party would be complete without a tarot reading? If you're a seasoned tarot reader, you know the scoop. If not, there are plenty of how-tos and tips on the internet.

How to do a Basic Tarot Reading for Yourself or a Friend
How to Read Tarot Cards: a Step-by-Step Guide
Biddy Tarot - my go-to guide for anything and everything tarot!

If you want to splurge a little, you can always take the girls to a local tarot reader to have their cards read.

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Have you been to a witchy-inspired bachelorette party or some other magical get together? If you have and would like to share some ideas, leave a comment below. And don't forget to share this post with all your witchy brides-to-be!

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