Newlywed Guide: 5 Things to do After the Wedding

Your Post Wedding To Do List
Photo by Youri Claessens via Wedding Chicks

There are always a ton of things to do before the wedding, this you know. You've had weeks, maybe months of checking off items on to-do lists and you just can't wait to get married and live in wedded bliss, already.

But the to-do list doesn't stop there. After you've tearfully said your vows, fed each other cake, and danced til dawn, there are still a few things you need to do. Some are fun and some are necessary. You be the judge.

1. Freeze the top layer of your wedding cake. You'll probably want to do this soon after you've cut the cake to ensure it stays fresh. Pop it in the freezer and take it out one year later to enjoy on your anniversary. It will taste just as yummy. You could even go so far as to peruse through the wedding album with your partner in crime. And if you still have your gown/pant suit/whatever it is you're saying "I do" in, put it on and toast to another year of marriage.

2. Make a shadow box. This is another memento kind of thing and also makes for a fun art piece. Grab yourself a shadow box at the craft store, then fill it with little things from your wedding: napkin, flowers, garter, menu, program, ring pillow, cake knife, etc. (p.s. You could also do this for your bridal shower/bachelorette party.)

3. Send thank you notes to vendors and write reviews. If you're tempted to overlook this one, I don't blame you. You've done so much and your hand is probably still cramping from the bridal shower thank you cards you sent. But think about all the hard work those professionals put into making your dream wedding come true. A short thank you note will do just fine and will be much appreciated. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a nice online review for your vendors.

4. Send thank you notes to guests. More thank yous - I know! But you really are grateful for all the love and support your friends and family have shown you. And the gifts weren't so bad either. Scribble (in your best handwriting, of course) your sentiments in a short note and let all those wonderful people know how much you appreciate their gifts and for joining you on your special day.

5. Change your last name, if applicable. If you plan on changing your last name to your partner's, there are a few steps you'll have to take. It mostly involves filling out a lot of forms. The Knot has a simple guide to help you change your last name or if you'd like someone to do it all for you, they have that too.

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