How to Throw an Epic Summer Bridal Brunch

How to throw an epic summer bridal brunch

Since it's summertime (aka wedding season) and brunching is all the rage, I've put together a guide to show you exactly how to put together a summer bridal brunch of your own. It can be used for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, bridesmaid thank you, or a simple get together with your closest gal pals. Get out your hand fans, pour the lemonade (or mimosa!), and get ready for an epic celebration under the summer sun.

First let's discuss the invitation, because honestly, the invite is what sets the tone and gets people excited. It's a little hello with a wink. Paperless Post and Evite have some cute digital options. If you want invites of the snail mail variety (and really, it's quite magical to send good old ink and paper - so rare these days), check out Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, and Etsy for invitations you can customize to fit like a velvet glove.

Now to when and where your brunch should take place. I recommend a Saturday or Sunday affair for obvious reasons. Guests will likely be able to attend on the weekend and everything kind of slows down, especially on Sunday. Your summer brunch shouldn't be a rushed event. Enjoy it. Savor it like a glass of bubbly and good conversation with close friends. The golden rule is to schedule between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., but do what works for you.

As to where to host the brunch, that's entirely up to you, as most things are. A friend's luscious backyard, a botanical garden with venue space, a rooftop. Just think about how many people you're inviting and what your preferred space can hold/accommodate.

How to Throw an Epic Summer Bridal Brunch
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No matter where you host the bridal brunch, I say keep the decor minimal and the colors bright and light. It's summer after all. Think breezy whites and blues and bold citrus colors. Decorate the table with a few mismatched glass bottles, like these from Luna Bazaar, and fresh flowers. Bonus points if you pick them from the garden yourself. If you want to keep it super casual, set up floor seating with a low table and pillows or chair cushions. Place a table runner if you'd like (checkered or lace for that summer vibe) or a nice white cloth that will look stunning against whatever pops of color you choose to use. And there's always the third option of keeping the table bare and beautiful.

The most important part of any epic brunch is the menu, of course. Depending on what kind of bruncher you are is how the menu will unfold. Personally, I'm quite lazy when it comes to cooking and baking, so I'd keep the menu simple with a few delicious dishes: maple cinnamon toast, classic pancakes, eggs with salsa and cheese, yogurt with granola, fruit salad, roasted potatoes and ham frittatas, etc. If you don't want to create a full menu, you can always set up a build-your-own buffet (pancakes, waffles, egg scramble, breakfast burritos, hash browns and bacon). If you want to get fancy, but keep the recipe semi-simple, check out Nigel Slater's pistachio and lemon thyme biscuits and sweet berry breakfast omelette.

Drinks! Coffee, tea, water, and the unofficial brunch beverage...the mimosa. I say go all out and create a mimosa bar complete with bubbly, juice, and a selection of fruits. Let guests mix their own.

I don't know about you, but I've worked up quite an appetite just writing this. Note to self: never write a food post when hungry. Now to make dinner then dream about brunch. :)

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