How to Keep Your Guests Cool During a Hot Weather Wedding

How to Keep Your Guests Cool During a Hot Weather Wedding
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Whether you’re having your wedding on a sprawling beach or in a cozy backyard, if it falls anywhere between May and August, you’ll definitely want a plan on how to keep your guests cool and comfortable during the spring and summer months. This is especially true if the ceremony and reception will take place outdoors during the heat of the day. I’ve got a few tips on how to keep your precious guests as cool as the cucumbers in the dinner salad.

Personalized Sunglasses
Personalized Wedding Sunglasses via Wedding Favy
If you’ve ever been to an outdoor event and forgotten your sunshades, you know the struggle. Welcome your guests with a pair of personalized sunnies, which they can wear during the wedding and then take home as a gift. You could even encourage everyone to don their sunshades for a fun group photo.

Hand Fans
DIY Wedding Paddle Fan via United With Love
Whether it’s a foldable paper fan or a customized fan and program combo, your guests will love having something to keep themselves cool with during the ceremony. Place fans in each chair or fill a basket with them and place at the entrance so guests know to take one before the wedding starts. And if you’re feeling creative, you can make your own paddle fans using one of the many templates found around the internet. Just a do a search for “diy wedding fans” and peruse until you find one that suits your style.

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There are many ways to keep your guests hydrated during a warm-weather wedding. Fill a tub with ice cold water bottles, display water in a pretty dispenser on your dessert table, or hand out water bottles with custom labels for a personal touch.

Fruit-infused Ice Cubes
Photo via This Beautiful Day
I’m sure you’ve seen these gorgeous creations around the web. You can put practically anything inside an ice cube, but I love the idea of fresh fruit for a spring or summer wedding. Not only are fruit-infused ice cubes aesthetically pleasing, they’re a great way to add a bit of flavor to a glass of water (which your guests will need!).

Ice Cream
Photo by Megan Alvarez via A Colorado Courtship
Serve individual bowls of ice cream or set up a sundae bar complete with a variety of ice cream flavors and all the toppings: sprinkles, chocolate, fudge, coconut shavings, cherries, graham crackers, gummies, nuts, crushed candies, etc. Kids and adults alike will go crazy for this cool treat.

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The last thing you want is for guests to go home burned and blistered. Although you can’t force anyone to slather on sunblock, you can offer them the chance by displaying bottles of sunscreen on your welcome table or filling bins and baskets with mini bottles that guests can use and take home.

One last tip: put together a welcome goodie bag and fill it with “cool” items like the sunglasses, sunblock, water bottles, hand fans, and any other small gifts you think guests would love.

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