Wedding Flower Trends and a Giveaway from BHLDN x The Bouqs

I learned about The Bouqs company while doing research for an article on eco-friendly wedding ideas. I instantly fell in love with their mission, how they run their company, and of course, the stunning flowers. I've even ordered bouquets, and more recently, their holiday wreaths for family. 

"We're helping farmers all over the world grow their business! Our Farm to Table Bouqs are cut the day you order and shipped from one of our farm partners so they last. All our farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and we cut only what we sell - so we don't waste 1 out of every 3 stems like others."

I've got three things for you in today's post: 1) a wedding flower forecast, 2) links to bouquets that fit the trends so you can start collecting your wedding arrangements now, and 3) a Bridesmaids and Blooms giveaway from BHLDN and The Bouqs. Keep reading for all the details!

French Connection

The French Connection bride is all about life's finer things. She j'adores mixing French country with the more modern and formal Parisian designs. She wants humble luxury, passion, and simple abundance. Is there such a thing? Absolutely! Just look to her flowers, which are a mix of roses, hydrangeas, orchids, rice flowers, and viburnum. Colors that represent this trend: misty blue, gold, sage, beige, deep red, grey, pink, and black cherry.

Like this style? Try the Rustic bouquet.

Force of Nature

The Force of Nature trend is natural and serene, free and casual. It is nautical, aged, harmonious, and overflowing. This bride loves nature, of course, and loves to daydream in an old boat by the seaside or meditate beneath a tree. Her wedding bouquet is a mix of blue and white roses, succulents, delphinium, and tulips. Colors that represent this trend: all shades of blue, olive, cool and taupe grey, and sage.

Like this style? Try the Dreidel bouquet.

Modern Wonders

The Modern Wonders design blends simple, chic lines with old Asian style. Think natural elements with strong lines, warm and welcoming colors, rare, rich, artistic, and contemporary. The Modern Wonders bride wants to create an atmosphere of crafted textures and modern sophistication that expresses both old and new. The wedding bouquet might include calla lilies, orchids, dahlias, and sunflowers. Colors that represent this trend: white, copper, bronze, blue grey, taupe, dark purple, lavender, lilac, brick, and gold.

Like this style? Try the Sangria bouquet.

Into the Jungle

This design is inspired by exotic prints and patterns, lush tropical greenery, summer sunshine and glistening jungles after a day of rain. It is made up of tropical foliage, moss, vines, bamboo, orchids, and birds of paradise. The bride who chooses this style loves adventure and traveling into the wild unknown just as much as she loves getting sun-kissed by the pool. Colors that represent this style: golden yellow, muted orange, spanish moss, tangerine, lemon lime, and dark olive.

Like this style? Try the Tropical Love bouquet.

And now for that giveaway I mentioned...

BHLDN has teamed up with The Bouqs Company to offer you a chance to win your wedding flowers and up to $1000 in BHLDN bridesmaids dresses. Just fill out the form and you're entered to win!

*Please note that affiliate links are included within the post and if you purchase any of the bouquets listed above, I will receive a small commission.

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