How I Became a Wedding Blogger and How You Can Too

How I Became a Wedding Blogger and How You Can Too

Where do I even begin this story? It seems like so long ago and I've walked down many winding paths.

It started four years ago, fall of 2012. I had resigned from my human resources position at a university to become a freelance writer. I only had a smidge of an idea what to do or how to transition from full-time day job to who-knows-what freelance work. The basic thing I knew was that I liked to write, I had a portfolio of clips (random newspaper clippings, magazine work, etc.), and I would look for jobs that sounded interesting.

So I sat down in my home office one morning (which also doubled as the spare bedroom) and scoured the internet for writing jobs that both a) I was qualified for and b) sounded fun.

I came across a position on Craigslist for a local wedding magazine. They needed someone to interview newlyweds and then write their story. I had never written about weddings before, but it sounded interesting and it was decent money. I applied and got the job almost immediately. Best of all, I could work from home.

Now, let me tell you that I did not go about writing for the magazine in the right manner. I didn't even look at past issues to see the writing style. I just interviewed the couples and wrote what I thought sounded good. Luckily, it was exactly what the magazine wanted, but I do not advise anyone to write with such blind faith.

I guess that luck was my affirmation to keep going. I had never thought writing about weddings would be so much fun, but I enjoyed the creativity of it and getting to know the couples' stories.

So I went a little further down the path and found a wedding blogging position through Elance (now Upwork).

Some people will tell you not to freelance through places like Upwork, and in some cases that's true (when a client wants to pay you $3 for 10 articles, for example), but this particular blogging position was perfect for a newbie freelancer like me. I was to write two blog posts a week about bridal showers and bachelorette party planning. I had never even been to a bridal shower or bachelorette party, but that didn't stop me from diving straight in to the wonderful world of event planning.

Quick note: I STILL write for that blog! There really is such a thing as loyal, amazing clients. :)

After that I got another position as a wedding blogger for a photographer and pretty soon, wedding blogging positions were the only ones I looked for.

I poured over websites like Craigslist, Upwork, Writer's Weekly, Journalism Jobs, Media Bistro, and Freelance Writing Gigs. I sent out letters of introduction to local wedding magazines and bridal websites.

I also created a writer's website to showcase my portfolio and attract clients.

At some point I realized I wanted to do my own wedding blogging, in my own style, with my own topics of interest. I went back and forth with whether or not I really wanted to dedicate time to another blog (I also maintain The Sacred Middle), but eventually came to the conclusion that YES, I absolutely did! If it didn't work out or I got bored/overwhelmed I could just say, "Ciao, bella!" and leave it behind.

In January of 2014 I created Bridal Magic on the free Blogger platform. My thinking was that I wouldn't pay for a domain until I knew I was dedicated to maintaining my own wedding blog.

Obviously I was dedicated because here we are! Not only was Bridal Magic a fun way for me to stretch my creative wedding muscles, it also helped boost me in the wedding blogging world, as I could link to it when applying for writing positions.

Almost five years later and I'm still wedding blogging for clients and loving it. The great thing is that potential clients come to me now. They either stumble upon my website or read a guest post or article I've written elsewhere. It's a wonderful thing to know my work is reaching people.

This is only a slice of what it's taken to become a wedding blogger, but I hope to write more posts on the subject. I know when I first started I couldn't find a thing about wedding blogging and would have loved to come across a guide.

In future posts I'll tell you about writing proposals and letters of introduction, reaching out to photographers, creating a writing website, my favorite resources, and much, much more. And if there's anything you'd like to know about wedding blogging, please let me know! I'd be happy to give you tips and possibly write a blog post to answer your questions.

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