Whimsical Rock 'n Roll Wedding: Augusta + Linus

Last year I featured a photo shoot by Aurora Lady that captured the magical Augusta Gail in all her dreamy pink goddess and dangerous angel beauty. 

Fast forward a year later and Miss Augusta became a Mrs. I couldn't miss the chance to feature this follow up, so I contacted the ever-so-gracious and talented photographer, Jenn Emerling, and asked if I could share these photos with you. I also got the details on Augusta and Linus' love story, which I think could inspire a punk rock faerie love song of its own.  

Folks, this is the epitome of a Bridal Magic wedding!

How did you and Linus meet?

We actually met when he came into the bar where I worked. I was living in Dallas, TX at the time and he was in town (from CA) producing a punk rock band. He and some of the guys he was working with walked in around 1 a.m., and I remember being super annoyed that I had to take another table. I never worked that late - it was super unusual for me to be the last girl closing the bar, but for some weird reason, that night, I was asked to work the late shift. It sounds cheesy and crazy, but the moment I walked over and started talking to him, that was it. Our chemistry was immediate - it was electric. I'd never felt that way about anyone before. We chatted until the bar closed then exchanged numbers.  Within the month I'd moved out to California and we were living together and had adopted a puppy. It all happened really fast but that's just what worked for us I guess!

How did he propose?

He proposed at our all time favorite place in Los Angeles - Yamashiro Hollywood. It's a beautiful, really old sushi restaurant up in the Hollywood hills. It has an incredible view of the entire city, and it was the first place he took me the night I moved to CA. We were walking in the gardens outside the restaurant, overlooking Hollywood, coated in moonlight, and he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. It was magical, and we both cried a lot, haha!

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?

My vision for the wedding was based in this idea of 'whimsical rock n roll.' I was really inspired visually by movies like 'The Never Ending Story' and 'The Dark Crystal,' and wanted really magical, gothic fairy tale elements mixed with a hint of edgy eeriness. I have no clue if that makes any sense at all, but I feel like it all came together to create a coherent and very authentic energy and look!

Any advice for future brides?

My advice would be just to stay true to yourself (as a couple). There can be a lot of pressure from other people (and society) to have a wedding that fits into certain boxes or meets certain ideals. To the best of your ability do what makes YOU happy - have a wedding that embodies you and your partner! Our wedding was very much true to our lifestyle, our passions, and most importantly, our relationship. Because of that, our wedding day felt incredibly intimate and sincere and meaningful.

Vendor Credits:

Makeup, Invitations, Crystal Crowns: Aurora Lady  
Bridal Dress: Odylene the Ceremony
Wedding Planner: Lauren Caselli
Flowers: The Flower Hat  
Bridal Crown: AMAROQ 
Catering: Food for Thought
Cake and Cupcakes: Elegant Perfection Simply Cake by Connie Walker


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