2017 Decor Trend Alert: Hanging Decor

This is a guest post by Wendy Dessler. 

Pro wedding designers and hobbyists alike are excited about one of the hottest anticipated trends for special events in 2017: hanging decor installations. Their popularity in major markets – the ones that generally set the trends that roll out to the rest of the wedding world via Pinterest and Instagram – has grown steadily in the last few years and is expected to continue its stylish momentum this year.

What are hanging installations?

Hanging installations can be as simple as carnation blossoms strung on clear filament or fishing line to create a backdrop of mysteriously floating blooms behind an altar to an over-the-top elaborate false ceiling of greens dripping with crystals, candles in glass votive holders and tons of beautiful flowers reaching down to just barely meet guest tables. Designers love that hanging installations can completely transform a venue, turning an ordinary or overused space into something unique.

Choose a Focal Point

While they can be the epitome of grandeur and opulence, hanging installations can also be economical, and even understated. One way to realistically incorporate them into your wedding would be to choose a single focal point or just a couple of areas to highlight. Select something which you really want to draw attention to, like your altar, your dance floor, or even your wedding party table.

Ceremony Installations

For ceremonies, hanging installations usually take the form of backdrops or canopies. This is common in Southeast Asian weddings since time immemorial, but has been adopted by couples from all over the world. It only takes appreciation of vibrant colors and ethereal design to warrant planning your own hanging installation.

Reception Décor

Consider the big picture when planning your ceremony décor. Take you attire into account – which floral colors or greenery will best complement your beautiful bridal gown and your attendants in their turquoise bridesmaid dresses, for example. A beach-worthy palette of blue-green and sea foam with feminine blush accents would be beautiful by the waterside. Bright orange, fuchsia and lime green would rock a garden ceremony. Or, take your color cues from Pantone’s Color of the Year and create an installation exclusively from greens with few or no floral accents for a clean, outdoorsy look.

When placed over a dance floor, hanging décor can really make the area stand out by drawing attention and action to that part of the room. While it generally requires professional-level installation, you can incorporate specialty lighting that can be adjusted throughout your event to change the mood of the room. Start subtly and increase the color intensity as the night unfolds.

Create a canopy or a unique little hideaway space where the couple can exchange a few private moments during dinner, or set up an entire wall-to-wall hanging backdrop behind the wedding party. If you are outdoors, hang the décor from the branches of trees, or if you are indoors, create the appearance of dining beneath tree branches and night sky.

Hanging décor is also popularly installed over specialty tables like over the wedding cake, or over the guest book, escort card, or favor table.

When you want to extend your color palette and design sense beyond just your turquoise bridesmaid dresses and contrasting white orchid bouquets, consult a floral and/or lighting designer and discover how much impact they can have!

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