5 Creative Wedding Arrangements That Will Blow Your Mind

This is a guest post by Helen Clark. 

High or low, subtle or luxurious, elegant or posh, flower arrangements are the soul of the wedding party. When professionally made, centerpieces exhume everything that a nuptial celebration should be. After all, flowers are a universal symbol for beauty and growth, while each represents the bride and groom in these defining years of their life. With a little creativity, you can make mind-blowingly gorgeous wedding arrangements all by yourself.

Here’s how.

1. Choose a Flower That Tells Your Story

A stunning centerpiece should include plenty of additional details, but they would hardly be able to make the same effect without any flowers at all. That’s why your first step should be to pick the perfect, most suitable variety. You can choose them to match a color palette, tell a story, reflect your mutual taste, or correspond with the season and surroundings. If you manage to find a flower that answers to all of these requirements at the same time, there’s no doubt that you are one lucky couple.

2. Replace Vases with Something Unique

Traditionally, flowers are arranged in vases of different shapes and sizes. In case this seems a bit cliché for your taste, and you would rather go with something more original, just let your imagination run wild. 

Centerpieces with jars, bird cages, tea pots, wooden logs or two cake stands are wonderful and unique, and both your photographer and your video editing service will be delighted to make one of them a leitmotif of the entire gala.

3. Light Up Your Tables

Then again, the times are a-changing, and so are traditional wedding aesthetics. This means that flowers are no longer an essential part of the centerpiece, and you can feel free to replace them with something entirely different. 

Consider candles, for instance. It doesn’t get more romantic than that, but you can also choose branches with fairy lights, desserts or fruits on sticks, books, feathers, even antiques!

4. Sweet and Odorous

Yes, you’ve heard it right! You can now use candy, cupcakes and lollipops instead of flowers as well, but you need to be careful. If overdone, such centerpieces can look a bit childish and naive. 

Fruits, on the other hand, are a more graceful element for building a sophisticated wedding arrangement. 

If you choose apples, you can slice them in half and turn them into candles! Place them in rustic baskets along with pomegranates and dry flowers, and add potpourri for scent.

5. Combine Multiple Centerpieces

Mashing them altogether might not be the best idea, though interesting, yet consistent fusions are always allowed. 

Roses are beautiful when paired with bird cages and books for that old-fashioned, antique look, while lanterns can be combined with Christmas lights and pine cones if your nuptials are scheduled for a snowy season. 

Long reception tables are perfect for arranging multiple centerpieces, in which case possibilities are truly endless.

Beware the complexity of such project, though. Whether you choose flowers or edibles, they need to be transported with utmost care and delivered a couple of hours before the reception. As long as you take every little detail into consideration, however, there’s only a thin chance that something could go wrong. 

Stay mindful and creative and luck will always be on your side!

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