Spring Wedding Jewelry Trends

This is a guest post by Ryan Duffy.

Selecting your wedding jewelry is never going to be easy. You want pieces that are noticeable and beautiful, but that won't overpower or spoil your gown. You also need to think about the style of wedding, season, and location.

To give you a helping hand, and narrow down your list of options, we’ve got this season's trends neatly tied up for your perusal.

Huge Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a classic choice if you’re a more glamorous bride, but this season we are swept off our feet by their bigger, bolder look. These very long statement danglers brush your shoulders and perfectly frame the face and draw the eye upward. We love statement looks, largely because they’ll perfectly complement any luxurious wedding dress.

Complete the look with a dress that has a rising neckline and some slicked back hair which will really make the earrings pop!

A Simple Touch

If the over-the-top look isn’t your vibe, fear not. Not every accessory needs to make a big statement. Try simple and dainty pieces: a pretty Gucci necklace, small earrings, and a barely there bracelet for a truly elegant look. Items like this can create a subtle but lasting impression, while adding to the easy, youthful vibe of these flowing dresses.

An added plus is that after your wedding day, you can wear this kind of jewelry every day, so it’ll be well worth the cost.

Rose Gold

Love is in the air—and brides (and everyone else to be fair!) are falling head over heels for rose gold. This romantic hue of gold is the most popular metal choice for spring 2017. It’s a little more interesting than silver and a little less harsh than a yellow gold.

If you’re going for the rosy look, it’s best to stick to it with all your pieces. Brands like Thomas Sabo have beautiful rose gold ranges you can match together.

Don’t try and mix it up or it could confuse your whole look.


While it may feel like it’s really important, the items you pick are not the most important thing. Don’t spend too much time picking your jewelry for your big day, because after all, everyone will be focused on only one item of jewelry - THE RINGS!

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