5 Wedding Details You Really Don't Need

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Let's face it, the wedding industry is just that - an industry - and there are loads of businesses in it trying to make money. That's what businesses do. They market to potential customers. They tell them they NEED this or that. They tell them they will regret life if they don't have these special things. 

Take the diamond ring for instance. Jewelers will tell you diamonds are rare, but, newsflash! they aren't. The diamond myth all started with a little company you might know as De Beers. Don't believe me? Click on over to read The Engagement Ring Story: How De Beers Created a Multi-billion Dollar Industry from the Ground Up.

So no, you don't need a diamond ring to be officially engaged. It's just one of those things that's chalked up to tradition, along with a ton of other stuff.

I'm not here to burst anyone's bridal shower balloon. If you want to include these things in your wedding, go ahead! No judgment. I'm just here to point out a few details that you really don't have to worry about, and the less stress you have while wedding planning, the better.

5 Things Your Wedding Doesn't Need

1. Monogrammed Favors

Wedding favors in themselves are kind of a waste of time because, let's face it, most guests chuck them in the trash when they get home. This is especially true for monogrammed favors. 

Get real for a sec. Would you hold onto a dinky piece of plastic with a couple's name and wedding date on it? How would that fit into your life? Unless it's something useful, like a reusable grocery bag, steer away from putting your initials on the guests' gifts. Consider something your guests will actually enjoy, like cookies or gourmet chocolate or pretty much anything edible.

2. Engagement Party

I've never really understood the point of an engagement party. Isn't the wedding basically the same thing? Sure, the engagement party might only be open to a few of your friends and family, which is cool, but an all-out celebration is just one more thing you have to plan. And don't you have enough on your plate already?

3. Full Bar

There's no need to bust your budget in an effort to please your guests' palettes. Instead, offer a simple selection of wine, beer, and a signature cocktail. Honestly, they will just be glad there's alcohol.

4. Printed Guest Books

I remember my mom telling me I needed to keep a record of everyone who sent me graduation gifts/money, so she bought me this red hardcover notebook and made me write down all the names and what each person sent. I understand this was to help me write thank you letters later on, but I was still like, "Why though?" A whole notebook for about a page of names.

Same goes for wedding guest books. I think the traditional paper book is a bit outdated at this point. First of all, you will remember the people who came to your wedding and you'll have your RSVP cards to refer to when it's time to write thank you notes. And second of all, a unique wedding guest book provides not only a creative way to save memories, but possibly an awesome work of art!

5. Save-the-dates

In the age of email, there's really no point in purchasing even more paper in order to get some info to your potential guests. This will only clutter up their fridge door or end up in the trash, and there goes your hard-earned money that could have been used towards your wedding dress.

Save some precious trees (and cash) by sending a simple email or digital invite. You could even pick up the phone or send a text. It's just to give guests a heads up before you send the actual wedding invitation, so no need to treat it like such a big deal.

What do you think? Do you have any other wedding details you think can be kicked to the curb? And what is absolutely essential to you? Let us know!

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