Wedding Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride

This is a guest post by Helen Clark.

Being an introvert can make life very difficult – there are always so many things that are unsaid in the mind of a person that's closed to the outside world. A mind like this never really stops wondering about that notorious question of "what if?" and those questions never really get answered.

However, your dream wedding is definitely the right time to fight this so that you can actually have the perfect one. I know that it already sounds difficult because there’s so much communicating necessary, but I think I can help you out a lot with just a couple of pointers.

Hire an Assistant

Not all groomsman are anxious about selecting the right kind of napkin shade and you should try and show understanding for that - not everyone can differentiate beige from ivory. 

In this case, you might want an assistant and someone who you find comfortable to be around. 

My suggestion is to go with your best friend when it comes to filling in this position, if they are available, and I’m sure you’ll turn this rather problematic situation into a fun one.

Communicate with Your Partner 

If you share the same dream wedding, your partner should be your medium to communicate with everyone around you. I know that, if you're the bride to be, you must have found someone who not only understands you, but can also practically read your mind. 

Therefore, you can make a safe zone among the two of you and talk everything over before you meet any kind of third party, no matter if it's about a band you want to interview, a wedding video editing company or talking with chefs about the menu.

Express Yourself in Detail

Naturally, I don’t mean with words because that’s rarely an option for introverts. If you want to organize the wedding that’s from your own fairy tale, my suggestion is to write down everything that comes to mind – pick every shade, define every detail, and describe the scenes you see in your daydreams

You can communicate with drawing as well – if you prefer this kind of art for expressing yourself. Don’t hesitate to make sketches of everything that’s on your mind.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

This is an obvious tip that’s being offered as the greatest piece of advice to every introvert – like it’s something we didn’t know so far. However, if you consider that the price you need to pay is being at your own wedding and not enjoying it at all, perhaps you will actually consider it. 

know it can be difficult and that it will be tiring at some points, but getting out of your comfort zone will result in you having your perfect wedding. You know that this is one memory that will stick with you for as long as you live, so do your best and make sure that it’s a great one.

One last thing – start your organizing process on time. Doing this will give you room to correct mistakes on the go. I’m sure that giving it your best will have satisfactory results, so get yourself out there and make your dream wedding real!

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