Your Beauty Wedding Timeline: What to do and When to do it

This is a guest post by Kacey Mya.

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming task, to say the least. It’s hard enough to say “yes” to a dress, but you also must schedule a venue, choose your bridal party, put together a color scheme, and taste-test a lot of cake — okay, that last one is pretty easy, but the rest can seriously stress a bride out.

That’s why we’re here to make one task a whole lot simpler: your wedding beauty plan. Figuring out which appointments to take and when is a tough task, but a suggested timeline is sure to help make your life a whole lot easier. There’s no one-size-fits-all schedule, of course, but even loosely following this order will make planning your big-day look a whole lot simpler.

As Soon As You Set the Date: Book a Hair and Make-Up Artist

If you plan to hire a professional to take care of your hair and/or make-up on your wedding day, start booking as soon as you’ve set a date.

It may seem crazy to schedule an appointment a year in advance, but most professional estheticians — and most former brides-to-be — will agree that it’s never too early to book your stylists that far ahead. Like you, other brides are already securing their venues, buying dresses, and looking for local artisans to beautify them on the big day. Securing your staff early will ensure you get your first-choice option and have plenty of time to create your look.

Six Months Before the Wedding: Brighten Your Skin

Every bride will be glowing on her big day, whether or not she has a microdermabrasion treatment. Starting six months before your wedding, you can begin scheduling these gentle skin-resurfacing treatments that reveal softer, tighter skin and even your tone, among other benefits. And, even though you’ll be beaming from the inside, microdermabrasion has been known to make skin even more glowing. Most brides have five to eight treatments over a 12-week period prior to the big day.

One Month Before the Wedding: Smooth Your Skin

Although microdermabrasion can improve the tightness and softness of your skin, you may want things even smoother: fine lines and wrinkles can make their exit prior to your wedding, too, so long as you schedule a treatment far enough in advance.

Another facial filler can have instant skin-smoothing effects, but it’s best to do it a few weeks out from the wedding. The former is an FDA-approved procedure that lasts for three to six months, so a pre-wedding appointment will keep your skin picture-perfect through the honeymoon pictures, too.

One Month Before the Wedding: Whiten (and Bond) Your Teeth

You’re going to be smiling all day long when you get married, so put your best set of pearly whites forward with a teeth-whitening treatment one month ahead of your wedding. You have plenty of options when it comes to teeth whitening, too: you can pick up an at-home kit, see your dentist for an in-office treatment or combine both so that you’ve got an extra-white smile.

Some brides might want to go even further with a bonding treatment, which should be done a month in advance, too. It’s particularly smile-changing for brides with tiny teeth: dentists adhere resin to teeth to lengthen them and close spaces between them for a fuller, brighter smile. This treatment plus whitening will give you the ultimate movie-star smile you want on your wedding day.

Two Days Before the Wedding: Zap Any Pimples

With all the stress that comes with planning your wedding, your skin might start to show signs right before you walk down the aisle. Don’t panic, though: your dermatologist has an emergency trick up his or her sleeve that’ll soothe your skin even two days before your wedding.

A shot of cortisone into your skin instantly begins to fight swelling and inflammation around an extra-large pimple that has taken root. Within 24 to 48 hours, it might even remove the pimple altogether, restoring your picture-perfect skin just in the nick of time.

One Day Before the Wedding: Paint Your Nails

You don’t want to leave it until the morning of your wedding because, you know, you’ll be very busy prepping for your walk down the aisle. But a trip to the salon on the day before the wedding will ensure that your nails still look perfect the next day.

Of course, you can’t account for every possible chip or imperfection that may happen within the 24 hours that you visit the salon and the moment you walk down the aisle. One great pre-wedding manicure tip is to bring your own bottle of polish with you to the salon so that you can have it on-hand to fill any imperfections that may appear post-appointment.

Now: Plan Accordingly

With this information in mind, it’s time to figure out when and how you’ll make sure you’re wedding-ready. Even if you’re not following this regimen to a T — or if you’re adding a few treatments of your own into the mix — you now have an idea of when you should start booking hair, make-up, skin and dental appointments.

Make note in a planner or print this list out, put it where you’ll see it, and remind yourself regularly of what you have to do. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly your wedding day creeps up, but your smart planning will make that realization an exciting surprise instead of a stressful one.

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