Mystical, Magical Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

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Whether it's a bridal shower, bachelorette party, bridal party thank you brunch, or bridesmaid proposal, you'll want to get your bride tribe gifts they'll adore. A gift they'll look at and say, "This is the most amazing gift I've ever received!" Or something like that. :)

Of course I'm partial to items of the magical variety, but I'm assuming, since you're reading this blog, that you are too.

So here are some mystical, magical gift ideas you can give your bridesmaids.

Holographic Clutch

Start with a clutch or tote bag that you can fill with smaller gifts. It'll be like Christmas or a birthday for your bridesmaids. I'm loving all things holographic/prismatic and found this rainbow crossbody clutch on Etsy. You can find tons of other designs and styles, if you choose, but check out this unicorn-approved bag!

by Ross Miu

Small Gift Ideas 

As for what you can tuck inside a gift bag, the sky's the limit. Some ideas:

Hanging Crystal Planter 

I've only recently come across these unique air planters; I even gifted one of the amethyst variety for Christmas. They're gorgeous and something you don't see everyday. Basically they are mini plants growing out of crystals. You can find hanging ones, like this, or ones you can sit on a desk or table. You can also choose from all kinds of crystals, each one unique and beautiful like your bridesmaids.

by Falcon and Finch
Chakra Tea Lights 

When the seven chakras are in alignment, energy flows freely and everyday life can transform from a place of resistance to a place of allowance. Help your bridal babes achieve high vibe alignment with a chakra tea light set they can use during focused meditation. 

by Sage Goddess
Rose Sugar Scrub 

What better gift to give your gals than a dose of self-love? Especially during wedding planning! Yes, they'll still be there for you, but a sweet rose sugar scrub will give them their own love boost during wedding planning down times. Besides, a refreshed bridesmaid will be able to give you the attention you need when you need it most.

This one is made from sugar, coconut oil, rose oil (all organic), and rose petals. It's topped off with an electrically charged rose quartz crystal.

by Moon Goddess Magick
Inspiring Jewelry 

Show your carefully chosen ladies how much you love them with an inspiring piece of jewelry. This one is especially sweet as it expresses that no matter what (or who) comes into your lives, you'll always be connected.

by Shop Something Blue

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