Rock 'n Roll Bride: Tips for an Alternative Wedding

Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

This is a guest post by Helen Bradford. 

Long gone are conventional weddings. Nowadays you can witness all kinds of styles and preferences by the bride and groom. Suffice it to say that it’s a wonderful era to get married. You can wear trainers like the female protagonist in the Father of the Bride or an elegant vintage suit like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

It’s okay to have the wedding you want, even if it’s alternative to the usual practice. If rock’n’roll shook the world in the mid-20th century, it can also give a whole new dimension to your wedding with more than the melody. So, in order to be a rock’n’roll bride, check out these tips to help you have a smashing wedding ceremony.

Let’s Talk About the Wedding Dress

There’s no wedding without that special attire. It’s usually a dress, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be anything you want, from trousers to shorts. As the bride-to-be you have a considerable say in what your wedding will look like. And that includes the wedding attire, too.

To have a rock’n’roll theme, you have to go beyond the white and feel a little rebellious. Try a shorter white dress with large silver sequins here and there. Or a long dress resembling the rockabilly period with a pin-up type of style – a pencil or swing skirt. Add some polka dots to break up the white and you’ll be looking like you came straight from the 1950s.

Glam rock adds color and different fabrics to the style. Have a wedding dress made completely of
chiffon or tulle and in light grey with a shorter skirt at the front and a very long train behind. On the
other hand, choose organza in a pinkish color and have it sewn over the classic white wedding dress. For the final touch, add a flower, like a peony or a rose. 

If you want a more alternative style, go for wedding suits. It’s not unheard of, thanks to designers like Monique Lhuillier or Carolina Herrera. From one-piece jumpsuits to a full suit with a vest, you can choose from an amazing variety of designs. Some will have you back in the 1970s with flared pants and crop tops, while others will take you right back to the 1980's rock scene with lace leggings and glossy high-low dress tops.

Hair, Hats and Veils

Not everything about being a bride is that easy to decide. You want to look beautiful, because it’s not
your wedding every day. Like the dress, the hairstyle and/or veil are something you should really
concentrate on. Another extra benefit is that you can have a hat instead of or with the veil, however this is usually more an improvisation than a real bonnet. Remember, you’re under heavy make-up and the last thing you need is to have a line in the middle of your forehead from the hat’s inner rim.

A veil with pinkish or ultra violet stars with some glitter will keep you in the glam rock era, while a white head wrap will be a great addition to your rockabilly style. However, sometimes the rock’n’roll hairstyle with big or fuzz hair only needs some decorations to stand on its own without the veil. You can add a small hat on the side of your hair, with some black embellishments. In the end, even a bow made of chiffon or an artificial flower will look great with the rock’n’roll styled outfit.

Shoes and Everything Like Them

Every bride will tell you that when it comes to wedding shoes, being comfortable is not a priority. However, not every bride will choose to respect that rule. Chuck Taylor All-Stars are as good of a piece of footwear as any if you want to complete your rock’n’roll bridal style. You can choose some of the unusual ones with sequins or have them custom made.

For those more in the 1970's style, something like Avarca sandals glitter collection can help you shine to the max. Those in the 1990's style can always wear heavier black boots, but some other colors can also make the cut if they go along with the overall outfit tones. Even knee-high boots are an option if you want to reach for that 1960's era and Nancy Sinatra’s famous song. Whatever you choose, do your best to equalize the fashion with comfort since you’ll be dancing the whole night long.

Finally, it’s your special day, so let it be especially created for you. A wedding day is a collection of joyous and happy moments, so make it memorable. And the rock’n’roll style already promises great fun and unforgettable moments, not only for you, but for all of your guests too!

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