How to Make Your Guests Feel Special at Your Wedding Abroad

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This is a guest post by Georgia Selih.

Weddings abroad are not just for those who want to elope; sometimes you will want to travel somewhere warmer, more romantic, or perhaps to your dream destination that just so happens to be in another country. 

However, if you’re planning on hosting your wedding abroad, it does make things a bit more complicated, which is why you should try to make the whole experience as comfortable for your guests as possible. 

With that in mind, here are a couple of suggestions that should help you make your guests feel special on your big day.

Let Them Know in Advance

When planning this kind of wedding, it’s a good idea to invite your guests a bit earlier than usual so they can take days off, plan their vacations, or book a babysitter if necessary. Also, if you want to have your wedding in the USA, you should know that some destinations require booking even up to two years in advance, so take everything into consideration and ensure that your guests have plenty of time to organize.

Create a Wedding Website

No matter how many guests you plan on inviting, there will probably be those who are not so comfortable with traveling, are bad at finding their way around, or simply don’t know what they need to pay attention to when being abroad. All of these concerns and related questions will be sent to you, so in order not to spend too much time answering them, create a detailed website with all the info they might need, and keep updating it as you go.

Organize the Transportation

If you want your wedding to be in the Land Down Under, and you know that your guests will be traveling from afar, make their trip a bit more comfortable by ensuring that there is a Sydney airport chauffeur waiting for them. It will give them one less thing to worry about, which is quite helpful if they’ve never been to Australia, and it will show them that you’re thinking about them.

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Think About the Expenses

Although it’s not expected of you to cover all the expenses, it would still be nice to ease the financial costs considering that your guests are coming from afar just for you. Besides the above mentioned transportation, you can also book hotel rooms in advance or hire a villa for all your guests. This way, you get a larger discount, which can be especially helpful if your wedding is held in a more “expensive” part of Europe, like the UK for example.

Include More Activities

Having your wedding abroad is a perfect opportunity to organize a couple of group activities and stretch out your wedding a bit. After all, it would be a shame to travel abroad just for one day. 

Therefore, organize barbecues, brunches, or dinners, have a sightseeing tour if the destination allows for it, go horseback riding, enjoy a day at the beach, organize a shopping spree or luxury spa treatments for the ladies, etc. Every destination has something to offer, so why not make the most of it?

The Little Things Matter

Keeping your guests’ comfort and satisfaction in mind, welcome them in style by having some nice welcome packages waiting for them when they arrive. It will show them how much you truly care about them, and they will definitely appreciate it after a long trip. 

The packages can be anything ‒ a basket of fresh fruit, a box of local sweets, a bottle of cold champagne…it depends on your budget, but they don’t have to be expensive or complicated to send the right message. 

Just don’t forget to also include the relevant information, like the emergency phone numbers, sightseeing maps, a copy of your itinerary, and a personalized thank you note.

Traveling out of town means that your guests will put in a lot of effort (and money) in order to attend your big day, so it’s your job to make the experience as simple and enjoyable for your guests as possible.

Welcome them, help them find their way around, ease their expenses, and make sure they are entertained. If you manage to do all that, you can rest assured that they will remember your wedding for a long time.

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