Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2018

Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2018
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Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, and if you’ve gotten engaged recently, it’s just the right time for you to start thinking about your big day. From the choice of venue to your wedding attire, to the catering and invitation choices, everything should be picked out with the utmost care and attention, so make sure you know what you want. Moreover, try to be up to date with the latest wedding trends and plan the modern chic wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Industrial-looking venues

The choice of venue is crucial because it sets the entire tone of the wedding. Industrial-looking venues have gained in popularity in recent months and are going to become one of the greatest wedding trends of 2018. These types of venues allow the happy couple to add more character to the wedding while still offering the guest an amazing event they’ll enjoy. If you want to show off your individuality, an industrial-looking venue will allow you to do just that, along with offering you a unique ambiance. Even though you’ll achieve that edgy feel with this kind of venue, you’ll have the chance to play around with decor, adding fairy lights, candles, and colorful flowers.

Translucent details

Lucite and see-through mediums will be a huge part of 2018 wedding trends. If you’re going for a clean and modern design, this trend is just the right choice. Think about clear tents, lucite chairs, glass tables, understated clear emerald-cut jewelry, ethereal dresses, crystal chandeliers, and floor to ceiling windows. Add a dash of unexpected glam to the party with glitter and sequins, and let the transparent materials attract attention while also bringing a touch of sophistication to the event.

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Lots of color

This year is going to be all about show stopping backdrops, vibrant color combinations and fabulous florals. From moody jewel tones to purples and blues, bright pinks and warm colors, weddings in 2018 are going to be anything but monotonous. 

If you want to go bold, feel free to match high contrast colors such as aqua and cherry red, kelly green and pink flamingo, or even tangy orange and lemon yellow. Not only can you incorporate colorful flowers to your decor, but think about going for colored glassware for a surprising touch. 

While colors will be popping, black still isn’t going anywhere and you can expect black accents all over your venue. Whether you go for black invitations, napkins and tablecloths, or add a black ribbon to grace bouquets you won’t go wrong.

For even more color inspiration, check out this informative article on go-to color palettes for 2018!

Creative stationery

The first impression is everything, and invitations are supposed to do just that ‒ astonish your guests and announce what the wedding is going to be like. Follow the newest wedding trends and think about having custom-painted invites. Pieces with calligraphy, watercolor and foil stamping would look quite unique, as would invitations made of printed felt and etched plexi glass. You can find a plethora of amazing unique wedding invitations online, so look for the ones that best suit your wedding theme and leave your guests breathless.

Marble touches

Marble dance floors will be one of the jaw-dropping trends of 2018. Furthermore, you can see marble details all over the venue, starting from marble textured invitations, through candles, wedding signs, table settings, all the way to the wedding cake. The unusual textures are just some of the whimsical details desserts will be embellished with, and marble will be one of them. Modern metallic combined with green foliage will play a major role in 2018’s wedding cake decoration.

Wedding trends in 2018 will definitely make you want to plan your wedding as soon as possible. In a sea of fascinating trends, look for those that best describe your character, and orchestrate a wedding you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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