Don't Make These Music Mistakes at Your Wedding

This is a guest post by Georgia Selih. 

The music is an important part of your wedding, as it can set the whole atmosphere and decide whether there will be people filling up your dance floor or struggling not to fall asleep at their tables. So, needless to say, it’s an aspect that you don’t want to mess up. With that in mind, here are some music mistakes you should avoid if you want your wedding to truly be a success in every way.

1. Allowing the silence to go on for too long

There will always be guests who tend to arrive a bit early, but those minutes can seem like an hour if you let them sit and wait in silence. This is why your music should start at least 20 minutes before your ceremony’s official beginning. Moreover, starting a bit early allows you to do the soundcheck and ensure that everything is working properly.

2. Not talking about the playlist

You shouldn’t assume that your chosen band or DJ will know what your favorite songs are. So, if there are songs that are “must-play," let them know. After all, they are there to please you and your guests, so they will appreciate your tips and requests.

Just make sure to talk to them in time so they can learn a song or two if they happen not to know some of your favorites. Similarly, let them know if there are any songs you do not want to be played at your wedding – songs often carry a certain meaning, so you probably don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised to hear your ex’s favorite song at your wedding.

3. Sticking to just one genre

If you want your guests to truly enjoy the music, you need to take into consideration all of their music tastes. If you appeal to just one demographic group, you risk boring other groups, so try to include more genres into your playlist. You can even talk to some of your guests before making the playlist, so you know what kind of music you should include.

Also, don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable jazz shoes with you so you can dance all night if you wish. As for the music during the dancing time, you can’t go wrong with faster, more upbeat songs that will keep the energy up.

4. Not meeting your musicians before the wedding

If you already know which band or DJ you want for your wedding, don’t wait until the ceremony to meet them. Go out with your spouse-to-be and visit one of their live performances so you can really experience their full potential.

You’d also get a chance to see how they respond to their audience and whether they can create the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. If possible, try to talk to the DJ or band leader as well, so you both know who you’d be working with, which always makes things much easier and more comfortable.

5. Not paying attention to the music volume

Keep in mind that you’re organizing a wedding reception, not a nightclub party. If the music is so loud that your guests can’t even hear each other talk, nobody is going to enjoy it because they will be too focused on their headache.

In order to avoid that, keep the music on the level that allows your guests to both hear it and talk over it. You can even make some volume-related requests; you can ask your DJ to lower the music volume during the dinner or cocktail hour and bring it up a notch when the time comes for dancing.

Music is an important part of every wedding, so you should get this right if you want your guests to spend more time on the dance floor and truly enjoy the reception. Therefore, make your playlist in time so your musicians can get familiar with it, keep the volume in mind, mix genres up a bit, wear comfortable shoes for dancing, and your wedding is sure to be one to remember.

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