Tips for a Small Budget Luxury Wedding

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Brides imagine their wedding day from the moment they have a ring on their finger. Some just can’t wait for long and get married months, or even weeks after saying “yes,” but others go into detailed planning that can last for years. And no matter what kind of wedding you want to have, nobody wants their wedding to look poor. 

However, in today’s economy, not many people have the means to throw a true luxury wedding. Luckily, there are ways you can have a wedding that seems like you’ve spent all of your life’s earnings, while actually keeping the budget quite small, and here’s how to do it.

Don’t Go Too Big

The key to making your wedding look luxurious is to focus on the details and make every guest feel like they are personally taken care of. You can’t exactly do that for a couple hundred people unless you have a lot of professional help – which you are trying to avoid if you want to keep your budget small

Invite only your closest friends and family and make it truly special for yourself and for them. This is especially important for destination weddings in places like Tahiti or Hawaii, because the costs can add up extremely quickly.

Fill the Space

While being careful not to make the space look small, crowded, or tacky, you also don’t want it to be empty. A good, low-budget idea is using balloons. Stick to monochromatic, pastel colors to avoid making your venue look like a kids’ birthday party, and place the balloons strategically. 

If you have a high ceiling, you can have helium balloons on longer threads going upwards to fill the space. Place two arrangements at the door and greeting table, as well as next to the main table and the stage, if you have one.

Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

Splurge on a Memorable Detail

You can’t splurge on everything and keep the budget low, but there are some things that will really leave your guests in awe. For example, hiring a chauffeur service in Sydney to get yourself and your guests to the venue through the busy streets in absolute style will make everyone feel like a million bucks, and that feeling will stick throughout the ceremony. 

Similarly, you can’t make the entire food offer top-notch and spectacular, but if you make one thing absolutely stunning and delicious, that is the thing that your guests will remember.

Go Vintage

Vintage is one of the themes that might be the easiest to pull off on a small budget, and some of the methods can be applied to other themes as well. 

For a true vintage theme, there’s no need for everything to match perfectly. This means that instead of spending thousands of dollars on renting crystal vases and symmetrical flower arrangements, you can simply pick up all kinds of vases at a thrift shop, paint them white with spray paint and fill them with beautiful wild flower bouquets that you can pick yourself, or buy at a local market.

Go the Extra Mile

As we said, it is important for your guests to feel special when they are there. This can be done by putting extra effort into personalizing their invitations, parting gifts, and seating cards. Even something as small as writing “Aunt Maggie” instead of just “Maggie” on the seating card will create a personal connection and make everything feel luxurious. If you have an outdoor portion of the venue, make sure you place soft blankets somewhere so everyone can wrap themselves up and stay warm.

Don’t forget, this is your wedding day, and everything there should be your own definition of luxurious. Just keep in mind that it’s not the amount of money spent that determines how expensive your wedding will look – it’s how you spend it.

Written by Diana Smith.

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