Top Wedding Flower Tips

Top Wedding Flower Tips

A big part of the wedding d├ęcor is the beautiful flowers that enrich the setting, the outfit,s and almost every detail of the ceremony. However, you don’t want to leave picking and arranging your flowers for last, because it is not nearly as small of a task as it may seem at first. 

But if you’ve never before planned a big event that required working with a florist, you might be a bit lost in the petals. No worries – here is everything you need to know to make sure your wedding has the floral potential of a Beauty and the Beast movie set.

Set a Budget

Flowers are not cheap, and a big chunk of your overall wedding budget will go towards the floral arrangements. However, there are ways to get the flowers at a more manageable price. For starters, you need to think about strategic placement. You don’t need a huge bouquet on every table and you also don’t need a bunch of flowers decorating the bow on every chair. 

Place one large arrangement somewhere where everyone will see it – like the greeting table or the main table – and fill the rest of the space with smaller arrangements. 

The second thing that determines the cost is the type of flowers you use. We will talk about this more later, but it’s important to understand that flowers vary drastically in prices depending on the season or where you live. Some need to be imported, which might be the most expensive kind out there. Local wild flowers are a great way to decorate a boho, natural wedding, and are usually a cheap option that gives a lot of character.

Choose Your Flowers

If you don’t usually dabble in flowers, then you need to do some research on what you might want. Start looking at inspiration boards, magazines, and visiting floral shops to see what kind of flowers you like. 

Armed with that data, go to a florist or floral stylist whose portfolio you like. Asking around for recommendations, especially if you want something similar to what you’ve seen at another event is a great way to find someone. 

Remember that flowers don’t bloom all year round, and different flowers are available in different seasons. If you have a kind that you are absolutely set on, set the date around that. A great option is beautiful silk flower arrangements that look just like real ones and are going to look exactly the same the day you order them and on your wedding day months down the line. 

Make sure your flowers fit the theme and colors of your wedding. If you are going for a soft, pastel look, then opt for peonies instead of red roses, no matter how much you adore roses. Unless you’re an expert, don’t micromanage the arrangements. You are going to a professional for help for a good reason, and after you’ve picked the main flower, let them create something around that. Make sure you let them know if you or any of your guests have allergies to certain flowers.

Take Advantage of Your Venue

Different venues work well with different flowers. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, see if there are already planted or potted flowers around. If so, they can be a great alternative to vase bouquets. 

If you have a rustic venue, then you will do well to scatter some wildflower wreaths around the venue, but if you have a glamorous ballroom, then small, round bouquets will be a better option. See if you can hang some flowers from the ceiling, or put some flowers in the cracks in the beams or walls. Every small bud you place will be a detail your guests will notice and appreciate. 

But if your venue follows a very specific theme, then you will want to match that theme with your arrangements. A tropical wedding in a beach-side hut is no place for sophisticated roses. All flowers can look beautiful and you should play around with them until you find something that looks just right.

Make sure you don’t forget to include the most important piece: the bridal bouquet. It can be matched to the rest of the flowers, but it is a better idea to match it to your dress and overall style. You can swap out the bouquet for a flower crown or a basket of flowers, and give a basket to your little flower girl as well. Flowers will make any venue look more romantic, friendly and in unison with nature.

Written by Georgia Selih.

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