Steps to a Perfect Bridal Smile

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A bride is perfectly ready to take on any aspect of wedding planning, including herself and her look. Everything from the all-important gown to the veil is planned months in advance. But one thing you most certainly don’t want to happen is to have a bad smile in all of your photos! But what is a good smile, and how can you get one? It’s not at all difficult, if you only follow these tips:
Good dental hygiene

This is a no-brainer. Wedding or not, you should always brush and floss your teeth to make sure you’re getting rid of any food residue and protecting your teeth. If you have any dental health problems, like gum disease or cavities, you should fix that as soon as possible, because nobody wants to spend her wedding day with a toothache. 

Another big part of dental hygiene is a good diet, because processed foods high in sugar are the main cause of tooth decay. I replaced all of my store-bought snacks with fresh fruit to make sure my teeth were in perfect shape for the big day – and it’s a good habit to have in general! If you also want to protect the whiteness of your teeth, then try to avoid foods that stain them, like red wine, coffee and cherries.
The perfect pose

Everyone’s smile is beautiful, as long as it is natural. But if you are taking thousands of photos during the day, it can be hard to maintain a natural smile in all of them. This is why practicing your smile, as well as your posture, will play a big role in how your smile will look in photos. 

Make sure you always straighten your back, elongate your neck, and don’t be afraid to squint your eyes. Forcing your eyes to stay open will only give you an unnatural look and ruin your smile. Practice in front of the mirror to find your best angle and make sure your photographer knows it.

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

I was properly scared right before my wedding and nearly postponed it out of fear that I would either have crooked teeth or visible braces – neither of which was in my bridal beauty plan. Luckily, a Chatswood orthodontist had a solution for anyone in such a situation. 

It was invisible braces that are completely unnoticeable both in photographs and in real life, especially if you get the kind that is bonded to the inner part of your teeth, so you can start working on getting your teeth in shape without fearing how it will look in photos. 

And while you’re there, you can ask them about different procedures for teeth whitening, to make sure your smile is a row of perfectly white pearls.
Makeup on point

A lot of how our teeth look is based on what is surrounding them. Even if you have perfectly bright teeth, they still might look slightly yellow if you compare them to your wedding dress. For your lipstick, opt for a cold-toned lipstick, since warm toned ones can make your teeth appear yellow. 

Make sure you stay clear of any orange shades and lip glosses with too much shine, because the white reflection won’t look good in photos, nor will it look good near your teeth. If you are exaggerating your lip shape with a lip pencil, make sure you don’t go too wild, and still have your lips look natural and proportional.

Most importantly, smile from the heart. It’s going to be a long day, filled with so many emotions, and while you can’t expect to be caught smiling in every single photo, you can definitely make sure you don’t force a fake smile whenever the flash goes off. Just let your emotions shine and you will look stunning.

Article by Diana Smith.

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